December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is getting all ready for the upcoming madness that is the holiday season.

Just wanted to share some really cute inspiration from Christmas themed weddings:

December 14, 2011

Really Exciting Stuff!

Calling all RI and close by MA brides!!
As you all know, I am a total type A person, and am picky picky picky. So it was a TASK to find all my perfect vendors to create my dream team. One of those fantastic ladies that I chose was Kristin Greene from Simply Beautiful. The minute I met Kristin it was like chatting with a friend. I felt that I could exhale when I met her, that I could be open and honest about everything wedding without being guarded. Honesty after all, helps a bride achieve what she REALLY wants.

After my awesome trial with Kristin, I soon began following her Facebook page "Simply Beautiful by Kristin Greene".

Well- am I glad I did. I wanted to let everyone know that Kristin is looking for models for gel polish, updos, airbrush makeup and extensions. What better time to try out your wedding look when it's free of charge-plus you will be totally helping Kristin and her girls out!

I suggest you head over to facebook right NOW and volunteer.

Check out Kristin's work on her website:
(where you can see a lovely photo of fellow knottie Faith!)



December 8, 2011

Which dress is my wedding dress?!

Want to play a little game?
On Monday I got measured for my wedding dress ,which is being ordered tomorrow but unfortunately I won't have in my possession until the second week of June. I am so saddened by this, because I basically want to wear this dress ever day of the week and sing it from the rooftops that "i found my dress". I can't believe I found the dress I am going to get MARRIED in. I really can't believe I have been thinking about my wedding day, practicing walking down the aisle, and wearing a pillow case as a veil since I was a little girl. That I have looked at thousands of wedding photos of other gals, and thousand more dress photos and that it all boiled down to THIS ONE DRESS. I wish my dress could talk to me. I wish it could say how happy it was to have been awarded the task of being the thing I wear on my big day. I would imagine it is kind of like an actress winning a role in a new hit sitcom (or at least, I imagine my dress would feel that good!). I mean-- I can't get over it. I can't believe it, and I am super excited.

So let's play a game. One of these dresses is MY dress. The rest are not. Which one do you think it is? Sorry, I won't reveal which dress is mine- and if you already know please stay hush!!- but we will have a little fun looking! Some of these dresses were even contenders, but the "one" just topped them all! I will tell you one thing, it is nothing like the dress I THOUGHT I would get!

Dress: Allure Couture

Dress: Oleg Cassini

Dress: Allure Couture

dress:Justin Alexander

Dress: Paloma Blanca

Dress: Paloma Blanca

November 14, 2011

I'm back!

I'm so sorry I left you all for so long. As I mentioned earlier today, I took a bit of a hiatus...But I am back with LOTS of goodies! New etsy favs today!!

So for now some new etsy favorite items I have been dying to share!! These are some inspiration for the "winter wedding" ladies. Shine on!

Snowflakes? Letterpressed? Shimmery? Yes please. 
Get these at etsy store: PurpleInkPress

Snowball snacks? Yes please!
Get em here, etsy shop: Simplydivinedesserts

These Winter themed programs are great. I love the different color bows!
Get these here: theweddingpaper

All about Home

Hi! I'm back. After a bit of a hiatus. Here I am.
I wanted to focus on a little amazing site I found.

I just bought the cutest little light pink teacups and dessert plates last week- and they are scheduled to arrive today!

Then I logged in today and saw this:

This cake dome is totally a necessity for the holidays! Or hello, dessert table at your wedding. Plus its only $29. How awesome is that? Seriously, run over to this site. I can't wait for my adorabs little dessert plates that I scored for $12 to arrive. Yippee!

October 11, 2011

Making Styled Shoots Work for You!

It took me a few months into my wedding to realize that some of those awesome weddings I saw on style me pretty and 100 layer cake, well, they weren't exactly weddings. They were simply styled shoots!

It makes sense now. I mean I realize now its pretty impossible to get a guest list of 75 to have a hanging lighted lantern over their head, all snuggled on a chair covered by a hand knit blanket, and all sitting around a huge farmers table in the middle of a field.

So what's the point? Surely, the styled weddings are there for inspiration.
Think of them as the "catwalk" of the wedding scene. Not everything that walks down a runway is ready-wear. You have to tweak it and take what you can.

Today I am featuring a styled shoot that I love- and breaking it down element by element to show you how you can use it in your real-life-have-more-than-three-guests wedding! I'm thinking about making this a regular occurrence- so I help seeing how you can use it in real-wedded-life is helpful!!

A Southern Wedding, Styled for Green Wedding Shoes:

What doesn't work: Really? Are your guests sitting out under a tree on this about-to-break chairs. No way.

What works: You can use this for inspiration. check out the centerpiece loaded with cotton and succulents. The embroidered table cloth could be a great addition to your generation or cake table, too!

What doesn't work: Um, how many guests are those 2 pitches of juice going to serve. Who is manning the bar? This seems small. There are like 6 freakin' glasses. Plus, who is eating those 12 black berries in the lower photo?

What works: The cocktail sign is super cute, and putting it on a easel frees up space on a small bar. Presenting the juices in carafe's looks classy and cute on a table. And who doesn't love drink stirrers? Most people won't have a vintage looking cabinet in their venue, but if you do, more power to ya!

Here are some items that reflect this shoot that can really be used at a wedding:
1.Garden chairs. These create a cute country or secret garden look
2. Crystal. Loving the crystal pieces in this shoot. Look for your own at antique stores
3. Small bowls of fruit served with cream. These could be passed around with small spoons during dessert.
4. Drink stirrers!! Hello etsy- these are all over that place

September 29, 2011

The Case of the Neverending Save the Date Search

OK!! OK! I know I just blogged about Save the Dates not too long ago. But the best part about this blog is that I can share things i LOVE that aren't necessarily things I would actually use for my wedding, because they don't fit the style. Just because I LOVED that caricature or nautical themed save the date- doesn't mean I can actually "make it work" (must be said in Tim Gunn voice!) with my own wedding.

So, that being said, since I look at so many beautiful pieces of paper all the time- its hard to narrow down my own choices. I tried to involve Fiance last night- but that lasted an entire 2 minutes of me explaining the difference between digital print, letterpress, thermal printing. I barely kept his attention to explain the different between linen paper- and the paper weight.

I have to admit I am ahead of the curve a bit. I spent 4 years after college working for a printing company. And even today- I deal with paper quality and printing on the reg. OK, so maybe that makes me a bit more obsessed with the paper stock, quality of imaging, etc. Just a LITTLE more obsessed.

I did get TJ to agree on one thing ,we don't really have time to get our engagement photos done in time to have our save the dates done with photos. And we aren't sure we want photo save the dates anyway. So while a lot of the options I originally Loved involved photos- we scrapped those and started all over.

At any rate, I have tirelessly searched high and low- and here are some of the final picks--- ahh! Yet, my search has yet to end. For all the RI Brides out there- I am headed to Crosstown Press this weekend, a long with New England Paper--just to add to my never ending search to find "the perfect" Save the Date.

Here are some (keyword: some) top picks! (and perhaps they will inspire you too). If you need more inspiration, a lot of our "ideas" really came from the Oh so Beautiful paper! Save the date section.

Cute right? From Gus and Ruby in Portsmouth, NH

Another lovely one from Czar press

Etsy shop: for your invitation

Etsy: Shine Invitation

September 21, 2011

Ombre, Ombre!

I was going to go with another color theme today, but decided to nix that and just focus on my latest obsession: OMBRE! A few years ago I purchased the cutest blue ombre cocktail dress. From then on I was hooked. How can you incorporate this look into a wedding? Look no further- here is your inspiration!

September 15, 2011

For Ali and Andy!

Back in 2002 I entered URI. So young, so naive and well--honestly, scared. Then I met this amazing bunch of girls. One of them was from my hometown, imagine that! I hadn't met her before, but she was so sweet and always had a smile on her face. She seemed as naive and scared as I was.

Four years later, she and I decided to take on the "big city". We moved into this apartment, that actually, when looking back was a huge defining moment. Boy, that apartment taught us a lot! Well for one, I hadn't actually done my own laundry before. It's also amazing how fast you go through paper towels.

She and I didn't really have all that in common, except a great love for good friendships, good wine, and a certain Pussycat doll named Chelsea (don't ask!). I am over the top, gaudy at times (yes, I'll admit it) and pretty damn dramatic. She is go with the flow, quiet, simple and sweet.

We shared the same naive ideal "move to a city, have an amazing job, meet a boyfriend." But it turns out life doesn't happen that way. There were break ups and makeups, long nights of studying and 60 hr work weeks. There were certainly tears- but there were a lot, really, a TON of laughs.

Now, we are at yet another crossroad in our life. Eventually she got an awesome job and met an awesome guy! And now, this girl- Miss Ali , is getting married!! And I bet she never thought it would be a wedding celebration in Alabama none the less.

So it's off to Alabama we go this weekend. To celebrate and amazing person. And the amazing counterpart she met. How lucky she was to have met someone so sweet (just as she is) and generous (i mean crazy generous) and family-oriented as Ali. And how lucky he was to meet this amazing gal!

So today's blogpost is dedicated to  a great couple. On their wedding weekend. To Ali and Andy!!!

Ps. Can't wait to celebrate! YeeHaw!

September 12, 2011

The Bachelorette Party

This week there was a lot of fun (and funny) chat around bachelorette parties with my girlfriends. Here are some fun ideas of the girls day/night out!

INVITES:        Wedding paper divas has the cutest selection of invites

 Ever play Kings and love "categories". Well it's like an ongoing game of just categories. Think of 10 categories. IE: Wedding movies, bridal gown designers, first dance songs, types of flowers... then start shouting them out, in a circle. The person that gets tongue tied or can't think of a category has to drink (or if it's a non-alcoholic kind of event, do a funny dance or gets eliminated from the game, etc).

Finish his line:
Ask the groom to write 10 sentences about the bride. IE: "I love when on a Saturday morning she..". "She is prettiest when she is wearing..." The bride has to finish the sentences the way she thinks her fiance would answer them!

August 30, 2011

Let there be light!

Sorry friends, I havene't blooged because it's been a wild ride after the storm- and quite honestly, not having power for so long was rather annoying....
But luckily, our lights are back on. I can't say the same for some of my friends though- so i hope that Mr National Grid bearer of all lights helps them out soon....

August 25, 2011

The Countdown Begins- 365 (366) Days to Go!

And so it has finally arrived. It is one year until I become a Mrs. (well technically you see, next year is a leap year and so TOMORROW is really 365 days away!-- but I don't care about that measily day!)

It is here, the final countdown. The Church, Reception, Caterer, and DJ are booked!! The Florist and Officiant come next :)
Some would say "you are a year out, what is left to do". For those doubting that I have things to occupy my time let me give you a short list:

A WEDDING DRESS (yup, I haven't even LOOKED, not one time, except online)
Bridesmaids dresses (although we did find a cute one, but still NEED to look more)
Table numbers
save the dates
picking out paper for said save the dates
Centerpieces (figuring it all out)
Cakes and cake tastings
deciding on what wines/beers/booze to serve.
Wine Tastings
Deciding on shoes
Engagement photos
MOB dress
Figuring out tuxes
Seating charts
Table Linens (REALLY excited to go to Felicia's and pick out some linens)
Oh did I mention the beauty prep yet: Facials and skin care and gym and excercise and preparing a healthy menu for the next year!
Place Cards (deciding on those oh my!)
Vendor meetings
lists and lists and more lists of must take photos and must play songs
hotel tours, and booking rooms

Shall I continue??

It is all starting to cave in on me like a huge wedding cave coming to fruitiation.
Therapists must make millions on this business!!!!

And you wondered why Brides are crazy.......!!

August 23, 2011

Giveaway- Vintage Modern Bride

The lovely lady over at the Vintage Modern Bride has a rockin' giveaway today.
50 Lovely Thank You Notes, just for you:

Go enter! Go like her! Go follow her!
You won't be sorry.

August 11, 2011

Little wedding details

I can't say it enough. And I know I have said it before. The KEY to a personalized, unique, and memorable wedding is all in the personalized details. Here are my favorite picks for a way to express yourself like no one else, on a day that is about you and your fiance!

Personalized, custom designed stationary. Or- if that is too pricey-at least, stationary that fits your personalities as people or as a couple. This is really important. Also, don't worry your Save the Date and your invites don't have to be cohesive. So if you want to stay more traditional for your invites- your Save the Date is a chance to be a little risky.

ps. paper quality matters!

This bride hand drew this entire invite. Not that talented? Take a clue from her, use envelope liners for some pizazz
These two are literally saving the date!

Decor: Go beyond basics. Everyone does highs and lows with flowers for centerpieces. Bring centerpieces up a notch. Use ornaments, books, succulents, favors, fruit or any other kind of prop you can thing of. Think of things that are relatable and appropiate for your wedding (think personal!). Having a beach wedding? Incorporate sand. Have a Garden wedding? Incorporate moss or grass. Check out my past posts about unique centerpieces.

Lighting: Think about how lighting sets the mood. Think about lighting in everyday life- the stark lighting of the office, candlelight at dinner. Make sure your lighting matches the mood you want to set. Lanterns and candles are a really great way to "soften" the atmosphere. Uplighting provides a soft, warm feel, or a fun feel depending on the colors.

August 9, 2011

Alert Alert, cute cheap weddingness

I'm so lucky to have clicked and visited The Vintage Modern Bride today (

She announced that she picked up a $2 "Future Mrs..." shirt on Vistaprint.

Now, we all know the amazingness of Vistaprint (hello, 100 return address labels for free) but this deal was just super awesome!!

So- Without further adieu, here is my shirt: (well his shirt...he just doesn't know it yet)

Now I just have to convince him to wear it on the day of!

Get your coupon here:
Click "activate"

Website of the Day: Obsession

I am totally in love with Not only do they give great inspriation for wedding decor, then they tell you how to execute it- plus you can buy everything you need to complete the look. I am especially loving their square hydrangea wreaths!

Check it out:

August 5, 2011

Trash The Dress

Yesterday, TheKnot posted a Facebook Q about Trashing the Dress. Would you do it? Too crazy? Thoughts?
The girls came back with 100 reasons why or why not.
The top reason to trash the dress: You are getting married One time- you'll never need that dress again and your daughter is never going to want to wear it.
The top reason not to: Why ruin thousands of dollars of material, beading and beauty.

I actually LOVE these photo shoots. They are fun, and something to look back on and smile at for sure! Personally, I won't be trashing my wedding day dress (when I get one that is). But I would consider doing a TTD with another store bought, sale dress that I pick up super cheap. It looks like a ton of fun!!!

Thinking of doing a TTD? Check out these for inspiration:

July 27, 2011

100th Post!

Today marks my 100th post. I am not sure who is reading this blog, but I know there are a few of you out there (or so says my blogspot stats). So happy post 100 to me! And to all my readers, thank you :)

July 26, 2011

Non-Floral Centerpieces

This past week I took a hop and a skip over to Jo-Ann's. I had a ton of coupons I just "had to use", plus I was working on a wedding project for my FI's sister. (Which I love- and took tons of photos of and will share soon!)

I ended up coming across these vases that were "just perfect". About 6" tall they are gold, and mercury glass. I figured I can concoct something floral to do with them. I only picked up a few, because I want the rest of my tables to be a mix of centerpieces.

I know what I want to do with the florals (well, I have an idea), and I am attempting some "high" branch-like centerpieces for other tables, but in hopes of saving myself some moolah, I wanted to do a few non-floral centerpieces.

I've been really stuck on what to do, so I obviously started scouring the Internet. Here is what I found. Hope you find some inspiration from these too :)!

Leave it to Martha to think of this idea. Whoa, Wheatgrass!


I actually love this idea, and think there are SO many twists to it!

Cupcakes, yes... this is made of cupcakes. Insane huh?

These are all non-floral. Totally paper. But I forewarn you a paper pomander takes a good 4 hrs to make on a good day. Mine is still HALF finished, and I'm 3 hrs deep.

Stack your favors for a really cute centerpiece. Plus, not delegating clean up of centerpieces or pack up at the end of the evening!