April 29, 2011

And She Wore....

Alexander McQueen or Sarah Burton, really.
Sarah Burton was always the front runner- but denied that she was busy, living in the Castle, designing this gorgeous gown for months:

 Not only is it gorgeous and a bit reminiscent of "Grace Kelly's Dress", it also has a Modern feel (by Brit standards)... The Deep V, The lace collar, The Sweetheart cut neckline. It's the perfect fit for a Princess.                       

 While I do love the princess' gown, here is a dress that struck me as a surprising pick- but really youthful and chic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pippa's Dress (also, by McQueen's Fashion House)

If you look THISCLOSE you can see the detailing on the sleeve and the cowl neck

April 27, 2011

The OUTNET- Launches

Big news in time for Royal Wedding: In case you are an invited guest (ha!), or want a royal wedding of your own, check out the http://www.theoutnet.com/

Just Launched yesterday is their discount bridal, bridesmaid, or guest! wedding attire. Whoo hoo! Did you hear me, I said "discount". Check out these great finds:

Marchesa- $300

Vivenne Westwood- $986

April 21, 2011

Special Props Thursday

Today, I just wanted to give a special guest appearance to a new blog by one of my very best friends Megan.

Every think about what you would have, if there was no price tag? If you could just pull whatever you liked off the racks?... Well, feast your eyes on this candy! Awesome fashion finds, for those with full pockets!

It's the art of being fashionable, after all.

April 20, 2011

So I missed it!

So.. I missed it. The Kate and William story-- the lifetime movie I was so waiting to see.
I missed it but have to say I am not as upset as I thought I would be. Likely, because we know the outcome and we know how they got to be a future Mr and Mrs. It included her mom pushing her to attend St. Andrews with him, a sheer dress at a fashion show, a long, long long relationship with its share of breakups to makeups.. all ending with one big sapphire and diamond ring that is now knocked off around the world.

BUT... The REAL DEAL is almost here. I hope everyone has their DVR's set to next Friday-- at 4 am.


But what will she wear? Apparently the designer is now living in the Palace. Not a bad deal, if you ask me!

April 18, 2011

Color theory- Red and Violet

I came across some great photos this weekend of a not-so-run of the mill color theme. Check it out!

Red &Violet

April 12, 2011

2012 Fashion Hits the Runway

Bridal designers hit the runways in NY this week with their 2012 Spring lines. I am particularly excited by the Vera Wang Gowns (since I <3 them so much), WTOO had a great collection as well.

Vera Wang, Spring 2012

Watters, WTOO line, Spring 2012

April 11, 2011

Enagagement Shoot Inspiration: Nautical Theme

Check out these photos for some inspiration, they are too cute and great for the upcoming season:

love her glasses!

These prove there is no swinsuit required. Since not everyone cherishes photos in their teeny bikini

April 8, 2011

Fridays Favorite Things

Only a few things today, that really... can be used for any Party-- so cute

Here's a cheap way to spice up your bar-- use these in a signature drink. Served in a mason jar perhaps?
 Below are those huge balloons you are seeing in all the wedding mags. I found a site online that sells em'

These are actually a DIY. See below

Talk about a super easy DIY. I am thinking of doing this project this weekend or week...
All you really have to do is take a votive, get some lace.
Tape one side of lace with double stick tape to the votive... you could also use hot glue but since the lace is so thin-- it might show through. Secure the other end of the lace with double sides tape. VIOLA!

Too cute :)

What we learn along the way....

So I started thinking about things I wish I knew 10 months ago when I started this whole Shibang. Things I already might do differently.... and then I took it to the knot, and asked all the August 2012 girls the same question. Call it a bit snarky or not.. but I hope it at least gives fellow brides and those involved a bit of a laugh!

Maybe it will help another bride realize, she's not really that insane. Or help an outsider understand why your soon to be wed friend is acting like a crazed bride-to-be.  And I am sure that after another year and a half of sweat and tears, and bargaining, and late night DIYing there will be plenty more to add.. but for now, here is "the list"

What all brides-to-be must know:

1. You will have to cut something, or a lot of things from your wedding. You will not "have the dream you always dreamed of" but you will have a more realistic version of it. After all, even Cinderella had her carriage turn back into a pumpkin at the end of the night...

2. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has an opinion about your wedding. Everyone has an opinion about your wedding they are willing to share, all the time. Be prepared. Keep wedding chit chat to a minimum especially with your Great Aunt you see twice a year that thinks its "so chic" to wear a long sleeved dress in late June.

3. The flowers you want are so pretty. Well take all the photos of the bouquets of the flowers you want... throw them out. The flowers you want likely aren't in season on your wedding day.

4 Your fiance, your mom, your MOH, your friends, your aunt, your FMIL---none of these people are even 50% as interested or invested in your wedding as you are. Ya, even your mom...seriously she doesn't care can't decide between dying your Crinoline light blue or sky blue-- she loves you very much though.

5. No one will notice the cocktail napkins were embossed by you. No one will say "the bride spent 5 hours embossing these, she did each napkin by hand". But you will know, so you should still do it and feel good about it.

6. You will be able to find good deals. But you will have to do a lot, I repeat  A LOT of research.

7. You will think you are getting a great deal on the venue/food pricing. Then you will find out at your second meeting, this price never included tax and gratuity. Then they will mention the tax is 30%. Why? You have no idea. Your $100pp meal just became $130pp in 5 minutes.

8. You'll rewrite your guest list many, many times. Your family will ask "Why do you need names so early?" (and in your head you will say "why doesn't anyone understand I need an estimated count for the vendors!!!" refer to #7 and #4). Then you will rewrite it again. And a week before invites go out someone from your or Fiance's family hands you a list of 5 people you've never met in your lives that you "absolutely can't forget".

9. Suddenly the most "googled" words on your computer are: Tulle, Calligraphy, Seating Charts, Vodka, Gold sugar glass rimmer (oh, sorry, that's just me!), and "ugliest" bridesmaids dresses (haha, jk). If you are even of the more crazy-bride type you will also have googled words like: Chargers, Manzanita Tree Branches, Pew Clips, Moss, Xyron Machines (again, maybe that's just me!)

10. Suddenly, 24 months, 18 months, 12 months-- no matter how long your engagement is...it is NOT nearly enough time to finish anything.

Special thanks to my ladies

April 6, 2011

Show Stoppers: Wedding Baubles!

Wedding Jewlery: Tricky. Will you be fancy and delicate, go bare, or be daring. For those looking to be a bit daring... check out these Gems (yes, pun intended)

Above two necklaces: Kate Spade

Necklace, Etsy Shop: Ideafarmdesigns

Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane

Hello, Yellow!

Sunshine!!! Yellow is the inspiration of the day-- it must be this nice weather. Check it out!

Dress: Revolveclothing.com

Photo Credit: theknot.com

April 4, 2011

Wedding Color Inspiration: Blue and Green

Continuing on the Wedding Color inspiration from last week. Today's colors Blue and Green. Great for a nautical wedding, a chic bbq, or even a peacock themed wedding-- how cute!

These are so New England

Peacock wedding!

Brings a new meaning to "green" wedding

photo rights: Stephanie Williams

Awww! bridesmaids, love these bouquets!
Super Chic

April 1, 2011

Favorite Fridays: Etsy Edition

Another Fav. Friday: Etsy Edition :) Happy weekend.

Etsy shop: BlueOrchidfloral.com

Etsy Shop: Yourhappilyeverafter

Etsy shop: Eamowk

Etsy shop: SSanchez