October 11, 2011

Making Styled Shoots Work for You!

It took me a few months into my wedding to realize that some of those awesome weddings I saw on style me pretty and 100 layer cake, well, they weren't exactly weddings. They were simply styled shoots!

It makes sense now. I mean I realize now its pretty impossible to get a guest list of 75 to have a hanging lighted lantern over their head, all snuggled on a chair covered by a hand knit blanket, and all sitting around a huge farmers table in the middle of a field.

So what's the point? Surely, the styled weddings are there for inspiration.
Think of them as the "catwalk" of the wedding scene. Not everything that walks down a runway is ready-wear. You have to tweak it and take what you can.

Today I am featuring a styled shoot that I love- and breaking it down element by element to show you how you can use it in your real-life-have-more-than-three-guests wedding! I'm thinking about making this a regular occurrence- so I help seeing how you can use it in real-wedded-life is helpful!!

A Southern Wedding, Styled for Green Wedding Shoes:

What doesn't work: Really? Are your guests sitting out under a tree on this about-to-break chairs. No way.

What works: You can use this for inspiration. check out the centerpiece loaded with cotton and succulents. The embroidered table cloth could be a great addition to your generation or cake table, too!

What doesn't work: Um, how many guests are those 2 pitches of juice going to serve. Who is manning the bar? This seems small. There are like 6 freakin' glasses. Plus, who is eating those 12 black berries in the lower photo?

What works: The cocktail sign is super cute, and putting it on a easel frees up space on a small bar. Presenting the juices in carafe's looks classy and cute on a table. And who doesn't love drink stirrers? Most people won't have a vintage looking cabinet in their venue, but if you do, more power to ya!

Here are some items that reflect this shoot that can really be used at a wedding:
1.Garden chairs. These create a cute country or secret garden look
2. Crystal. Loving the crystal pieces in this shoot. Look for your own at antique stores
3. Small bowls of fruit served with cream. These could be passed around with small spoons during dessert.
4. Drink stirrers!! Hello etsy- these are all over that place