September 29, 2011

The Case of the Neverending Save the Date Search

OK!! OK! I know I just blogged about Save the Dates not too long ago. But the best part about this blog is that I can share things i LOVE that aren't necessarily things I would actually use for my wedding, because they don't fit the style. Just because I LOVED that caricature or nautical themed save the date- doesn't mean I can actually "make it work" (must be said in Tim Gunn voice!) with my own wedding.

So, that being said, since I look at so many beautiful pieces of paper all the time- its hard to narrow down my own choices. I tried to involve Fiance last night- but that lasted an entire 2 minutes of me explaining the difference between digital print, letterpress, thermal printing. I barely kept his attention to explain the different between linen paper- and the paper weight.

I have to admit I am ahead of the curve a bit. I spent 4 years after college working for a printing company. And even today- I deal with paper quality and printing on the reg. OK, so maybe that makes me a bit more obsessed with the paper stock, quality of imaging, etc. Just a LITTLE more obsessed.

I did get TJ to agree on one thing ,we don't really have time to get our engagement photos done in time to have our save the dates done with photos. And we aren't sure we want photo save the dates anyway. So while a lot of the options I originally Loved involved photos- we scrapped those and started all over.

At any rate, I have tirelessly searched high and low- and here are some of the final picks--- ahh! Yet, my search has yet to end. For all the RI Brides out there- I am headed to Crosstown Press this weekend, a long with New England Paper--just to add to my never ending search to find "the perfect" Save the Date.

Here are some (keyword: some) top picks! (and perhaps they will inspire you too). If you need more inspiration, a lot of our "ideas" really came from the Oh so Beautiful paper! Save the date section.

Cute right? From Gus and Ruby in Portsmouth, NH

Another lovely one from Czar press

Etsy shop: for your invitation

Etsy: Shine Invitation


  1. There are soo many options! I'm still debating about STD's!

    I'm a new follower!

  2. yes definitely a lot of options available. I used the FREE custom templates on and than got them pro printed. However, I stumbled across these too cute save the dates on Etsy (of course!)