September 15, 2011

For Ali and Andy!

Back in 2002 I entered URI. So young, so naive and well--honestly, scared. Then I met this amazing bunch of girls. One of them was from my hometown, imagine that! I hadn't met her before, but she was so sweet and always had a smile on her face. She seemed as naive and scared as I was.

Four years later, she and I decided to take on the "big city". We moved into this apartment, that actually, when looking back was a huge defining moment. Boy, that apartment taught us a lot! Well for one, I hadn't actually done my own laundry before. It's also amazing how fast you go through paper towels.

She and I didn't really have all that in common, except a great love for good friendships, good wine, and a certain Pussycat doll named Chelsea (don't ask!). I am over the top, gaudy at times (yes, I'll admit it) and pretty damn dramatic. She is go with the flow, quiet, simple and sweet.

We shared the same naive ideal "move to a city, have an amazing job, meet a boyfriend." But it turns out life doesn't happen that way. There were break ups and makeups, long nights of studying and 60 hr work weeks. There were certainly tears- but there were a lot, really, a TON of laughs.

Now, we are at yet another crossroad in our life. Eventually she got an awesome job and met an awesome guy! And now, this girl- Miss Ali , is getting married!! And I bet she never thought it would be a wedding celebration in Alabama none the less.

So it's off to Alabama we go this weekend. To celebrate and amazing person. And the amazing counterpart she met. How lucky she was to have met someone so sweet (just as she is) and generous (i mean crazy generous) and family-oriented as Ali. And how lucky he was to meet this amazing gal!

So today's blogpost is dedicated to  a great couple. On their wedding weekend. To Ali and Andy!!!

Ps. Can't wait to celebrate! YeeHaw!

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  1. Aww Jen - thank you so much! Best toast!!!! So excited to see you. This post means so much to me!!!