June 30, 2011

The Art of Being Fashionable: Old Photos

The Art of Being Fashionable: Old Photos: "One of my favorite blogs, Honestly WTF , had a posting about a new site called Dear Photograph where you take a picture from your past an..."

THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA!! It's something I thought of doing for engagement photos. Reenacting a photo of my grandparents and my Fiance's. But I never thought of going back to the same spot! Incredible!

Secrets of the to-be-wed

Like every "secret" society, sorority, organization or even group of close friends- secrets exists within the "to-be-wed" tribe. Want to be in the know? Well, I will let you in on some of the unknowns.

1. Who is Crafty Eddy?
Have you heard that name in passing and thought who is this man?
Well Crafty Eddy is in fact a secret of the to-be-wed tribe. But..what does he do? Why he is a monogram cake topper maker! Yes, seriously, that is what he does.

A photo of his work. Reach Eddy here: Craftyeddy@gmail.com
Perhaps you want to check out his website... Sorry! he doesn't have one. He's reachable by e-mail only. But, I promise you, if you are looking for a monogram cake topper he is the go-to-guy. Not only that, but he works alongside a woman that will Bling your cake topper if you so chose. Just e-mail him with what you are looking for, and he will shoot you an e-mail back with photos of what he can do for you!

2.Luna Bazaar
Ok, maybe this one is not sooo secretive. I mean, there is a website so you don't have to track them down.  Do a quick google search and you can find them. But I think every bride to be, and especially every budget bride to be knows about Luna Bazaar-- and if you aren't a bride, you likely...don't.

Luna carries everything from paper lanterns and parasols to jewelry for your bridal party and favors-- and everything in between.

Looking for a parasol? A pillow cover? A favor box? visit: www.lunabazaar.com
PS. Want to DIY a paper parasol with a "thank you" or an initial. Visit here for the DIY tutorial:

PPS. In addition to Luna Bazaar, check out Oriental Trading (ya, it's not just for teachers!)

3. Personalized Etsy aka the new Alchemy
Notice I didn't say "personalize your wedding with etsy"...uh---everyone knows that! I mean personalize your Etsy. Did you know that Etsy vendors are very talented? Ya, obvi. But did you know that if you see an etsy shop and you like what they are making, doing, providing-- that you can personally contact the seller and ask for customization? Well, you can.

A while back Etsy has a thing called "ALCHEMY" that has since gone bye-bye. It was basically an e-bay where you requested a service. IE: "I would like 200 fuschia pink and blue organic soaps made as favors and I want to pay $1 each". All the Soap makers would clamor about and yell "yes I want to supply that". In reality, they would Bid on what you wanted made. Basically, they were providing you a quote for their personalized service.

While Etsy rebuilds Alchemy and makes it better- they suggest to simply do the human thing- reach out! Yes, make personal contact. E-mail the Etsy seller and  tell them what you want and how much you are willing to pay and simply ask "can you do this?". Most likely, if it's in their area of expertise and they accept the price- you are on your way to personalization city.

It's a great way to get already cool, funky stuff Etsy produces, in a more personalized way.

June 23, 2011

How To Ruin a Wedding

Yup! You read the title correctly. I just came across this somewhat humorous article on theknot.com. There is an expert below. Head to theknot.com to read the full article.
All of these things, by the way, have happened at actual weddings. Any wedding guest horror stories you have to share?

Ways to Ruin a Wedding:

1. Speak up During the Ceremony

We've heard the horror stories-- the "Are you sure?"  from the minister, the "Don't do it man" groomsmen comment and the vocal grandmother using her time as a reader at the pulput to offer her humble opinion. Yikes.

Instead: Any reservations about the relationship should be brought up in private long before the ceremony.

2. Stick your Fingers in the Cake

Believe it or not, guests do this. There's nothing cute or okay about touching the piece de resistance of the reception menu. Besides the sanitary factor, wedding cakes are expensive and should only be handled by three people: the bride, the groom and the caterer.

Instead: It sounds ridiculous and should go without saying, but if you can't get close to a wedding cake without touching it, don't go near it.

3. Wear White
We don't care if it's the middle of summer and your little white sundress is the most flattering thing in your closet. Do not, we repeat, do not wear white to someone else's wedding. Most brides have been looking forward to their moment in the spotlight -- as the only one in white. While it's true no one could possibly upstage the bride, it's considered the ultimate guest dress no-no. The other color to avoid wearing at a wedding? Bright red.

Instead: Colorful tones like pinks, yellows and purples are all fair game. Just stay away from anything in the white and ivory color family.

4. Spill Anything on the Bride
That gorgeous white wedding dress more than likely cost the bride a couple thousand. And while she probably won't have another reason to wear it again, a drink spilled on the wedding dress still ranks as one of the worst mistakes a guest could make.

Instead: You can't be too careful holding a beverage near the bride. If you have a glass of red wine or Coke in your hand, put it down.

5.Give a Roast Toast
Just because you have a microphone in your hand that doesn't give you free rein to tell the most outrageous college drinking story or reveal what happened in Vegas. It's also not the time to talk about old boyfriends or reveal the groom's most embarrassing habits.

Instead: Give your speech the grandma test. If it's not PG-rated and something you'd be comfortable telling her, it's not wedding reception toast material.

Need help being the perfect guest?

June 22, 2011


If you are a modern bride (then for one, you aren't me..haha just kiddin'), then you are probably on the hunt for save the dates and invites with a bit of fun flare. Even if you aren’t a super-mod bride, these are fun to look at and incorporate into other fun events like your rehearsal dinner or a bachelorette party.

All of the below invites are from: Wedding Paper Divas

This design is available in three colors below. Don't like the choices? See my quick tip below.

A cute new color combo: Aqua and Red

Cute for an informal affair!

Quick Tip: Don't love the colors WPD is offering, that's ok. Contact them when placing the order and explain that you would rather change the colors to an option they don't provide. Supply them with the color you want, and they will send you a digital proof in 3-5 days! That's super personalization

Dear friends, this is probably the invite you will receive to my rehearsal dinner. Forget you saw it here first. It's irresistibly cute!!

Super Cute, a bit vintage and mod!

I wish I had a bachelorette party to plan right now. I am OBSESSED with this invite. I love the black lace sooo much. It is great how typography can really make the look of a printed piece. Here is a perfect example. Love this font!

She's Back...

Vera is back! With more amazing, affordable gowns and bridesmaids gowns too for her David's Bridal White Line. Here is a peek at the new Vera White Label Bridesmaids dresses, just released today to stores!

June 21, 2011


The Real Bride this week is Kate. Not only is she a close friend of mine, but also a bridesmaid. Kate will tie the knot in July of 2012! Kate and her fiance Eric knew one another off and on through college, but started dating after their time at URI. Eric proposed while they were vacationing on a cruise in January 2010. 
See below for details on her wedding inspiration and plans!
Kate and Eric at Countryfest!
A photo of Kate and Eric after they  were engaged in January 2010
Q: Your wedding date? July 14, 2012.  The ceremony is at the First Unitarian Church in Providence, with a backyard tent reception at my aunt and uncle's in Cumberland.
The First Unitarian Church on Providence's East Side
Q: Your colors and or theme? 
I sent each of my bridesmaids a bright bouquet to ask them to be in our wedding, and the colors felt right.  Eggplant purple and bright yellow it is!  We are going with a eclectic/summer party theme, with every table having a different setting - some vintage, victorian, different patterns and colors - using china that belongs to different family members of ours.  

Q: What is your inspiration for flowers and colors?
The inspiration has been the wildflowers my cousin Jennifer is growing in her garden for us!  She is using them to make our centerpieces, and they're stunning!
Q: The best part of planning is...
Choosing all of your favorite things and seeing your day come together, piece by piece.

Q: The worst part is...
The guest list!  Where to cut?  Should they have a "plus one"?  You want people from all areas of your life to share in your joy, but it difficult for that to be possible.

If you were to go back and give your newly engaged self some advice...
 A two and a half year engagement seemed endless at first.  I'd go back and tell myself, "Don't stress about a long engagement, sister!"  It's a blessing and a chance to enjoy without hurrying.

June 17, 2011


Since it's Friday, I wanted to announce my series for next week's post: REAL BRIDES.

These are women in my life, friends, colleagues, my girls from the knot boards, etc that are planning their wedding. Hopefully they will inspire you in some way :)

And...how could I start this series without first focusing on myself and my fiance, TJ.

Hello! This is us about a year and a half ago. We were in Utah visiting his family.

Here is our ceremony site: The South Ferry Church. I think this is SUCH an amazing shot of it...

About us: We met while I was living in Boston and TJ was working for a few weeks at the USS Constitution in Charlestown. We ended up having to do long distance for a while (Boston to slc... how I am sooo familiar with that flight!), and then TJ was deployed for 9 months to Afghanistan. He came back in June 2009 and moved to Rhode Island that October.

and...here are the details:
Wedding Date: 8-25-2012
Ceremony: South Ferry Church
Reception: Narragansett Towers

And our reception site... The Towers, Narragansett

Wedding Colors/Scheme: Blush Pink, Gold, White, some black - Vintage meets Hollywood Glam
Best Part of Planning: Meeting so many new friends-either my knottie girls or my vendors. There is a "world" of wedding planning--that I never knew existed---its like another universe. But, it's so fun!
Worst Part: Paying for it-- I thought money grew on trees?!
What advice would I give my "newly" engaged self: You can't and you Won't make everyone happy. Everyone has an opinion, take it in stride. Keep wedding chatter to a minimum-- start a blog so you can discuss your wedding there instead.... :) (hahaha)

Gotta' Have Registry Items

Here's a list of my top picks for registry items, mind you none of these include your typical flatware and dishes-- but hey! It's summer so I'm thinking of the fun stuff! What are some of your picks?

Avocado Cuber, $15, William and Sonoma
  At last! Just what I need. I LOVE avocado, but I'm not so good at cubing or chopping without making a mess of my hands. A slicer or cuber is just what I need!

Ceramic lanterns, $14.95-19.95, CB2

If you don't know, CB2 is Crate and Barrels modern counterpart. Find a link to CB2 on Crate and Barrel's site. I love these lanterns for outdoors and they seem durable, I'm pretty sure they'd look cute indoors too.
Potato Gloves, $11.95, William Sonoma

These Gloves are useful and a bit humorous. Clean potatoes and other veggies with these!

Whirly Candle Holder, $3.95, CB2

This votive holder can also double as a vase. They'll look cute hung over a breakfast bar or over your kitchen sink... even in the bathroom for a luxe feel. Super cute and affordable!

Whoopie pie pan, $14.99, William Sonoma

Twice now I have attempted to make whoopie pies. Twice I have failed. I think I will leave it to the William Sonoma whoppie pie pan and they even have the whoopie pie mix!
Zelda Vase, $19.95, Crate and Barrel
Love the color of this vase. It will really add a pop to any room!

June 16, 2011

Make a Stir

Looking to add a little pizzaz to your cocktails. Check out these adorable drink stirrers. Plus a DIY tutorial below.

I grabbed a bunch of my own from www.100layercake.com's marketplace-- and they are actually from Delphine Press. I got them at a decent discount. So check out the marketplace for "mistakes" or "overorders" that vendors sell-- like me, it might just be exactly what you are looking for!

Custom Order: http://delphinepress.com/

Drink Stirrers: Purple Peont Couture Shop Via Etsy


June 15, 2011

The Art of Being Fashionable: Best of Beach Bags

Add this to the honeymoon chic list:

The Art of Being Fashionable: Best of Beach Bags: "All of you sun basking goddesses out there know how essential the 'Beach Bag' is... not wanting to miss a minute of those sun beams, your ba..."

Honeymoon Digs

The warmer weather is around the corner, reminding us not only of wedding season-- but honeymoons!
What I would give to be on a sandy beach today......

Anyway! Did some online strolling today and found these cute picks for a great honeymoon outfit (and I promise they won't break the bank). Plus you can mix and match the accessories with other outfits. Love this look for strolling the streets of Santorini, or Maui, or Nantucket- or wherever your lil' heart takes you!

Start Here with a Basic Dress. Empire Waist Knit Dress $49.50, Ann Taylor Loft
Add some cute flats- These also come in Blue and are super cute and affordable!
Flats, Artfully Yours- $28 www.francescascollection.com
Love these! Sunray Studs- $9.00 www.francescascollection.com
Wrap yourself in this cute scarf-- or use it to keep warm at an ocean side romantic dinner.
Wrap Scarf, Twenty8Twelve (by Sienna Miller). $50, www.theoutnet.com
Complete the look with this cute clutch.
Stone Foldover Clutch- $98.00, BananaRepublic.com

What honeymoon isn't complete with a cute hat? Throw this on when it get sunny- or wear it alone with the dress and a cardi walking on the beach. Colorblock Fedora, $9, http://www.forever21.com/

The Unplugged Wedding

Hello! I'm back, phew.

So yesterday the offbeatbride.com, a great blog did a feature on the unplugged wedding.
Coming right off the plane from a wedding myself- I have to say that bride was lucky, there weren't too many cell phone cameras and other digital devices.

But.... how do you feel about guests using their cellphones or cameras to capture video or photos during the ceremony?

The thought process on offbeat bride was that your ceremony is pretty short usually, if 15, 20, 30 minutes for the two of you to connect together and with your guests. It's an emotional time, and not really a time you want guests to be fiddling with their cameras. You want to SHARE the experience together.

Also, when researching this topic I found tons of threads and message boards with photographers complaining that guests were getting in the way of their shots...which makes their job difficult.

Look here:

That flip camera isn't going to nab a great shot, so just put it down!
You can find this template on offbeatbride.com. Perhaps it could be used in the program or at the door.

Besides the template above, what other solutions do you have?

  • Print a matching reminder card and attach it to the outside of your ceremony program.

  • Appoint one of your ushers to make an announcement to the waiting guests: “Guests of the Bride and Groom, the ceremony is about to begin. We ask that you kindly turn off your cell phones at this time.”

  • I'm a fan of the latter. Easy and to the point. As the usher is escorting guests to their seats simply have him say "please turn off your cell phone, and limit camera usage"

    June 6, 2011


    Excuse me for a bit...No posts this week- We're headed on vacation/to a wedding in beautiful San Diego.
    I'm pretty excited (though depressed that the weather is colder than it is here this week! boo... I was hoping to get my tan on..)

    You might catch a few posts if you're lucky..who knows how ambitious or inspired I will get :)

    June 3, 2011

    Color Inspiration: Pinks!

    The ever popular wedding color: PINK! See these photos for some pink inspiration

    Not only cute but a nice DIY centerpiece. And the napking are just fabric cut and stiched quick on the edges

    I love the glamour of these. Use them in a grouping as a centerpiece, or on cocktail tables

    Blush pink- check! Cute Bow- Check! Comfy Shape- Check! A perfect bridesmaid dress

    Brooch bouquets are all the rage- this one is available online: Etsy shop: SolBijuo, ($350.00)

    It's pink! It's ombre! And it has a cute flower. How super modern and chic

    June 2, 2011

    Hollywood Glam goes Vintage

    Contest? Why not. Polyvore and Nordstrom are running a contest via Facebook.
    Build a "dream board" of all the items you think represent your wedding (all items are obviously available at Nordstrom) link it to Polyvore's Facebook App. (you will have to accept their application) and enter for your chance to wine $1000.00 Nordstrom gift card.
    Wanna see mine? VIOLA! (kinda upset that it didn't layout the way I planned, but whatevs- I'm entered)
    Hollywood Glam goes Vintage
    Like Nordstrom and Polyvore on Facebook to enter to win $1000 gift card!
    Above items all from Nordstrom:

    June 1, 2011

    Get Dressed!

    Getting married calls not only for one HUGE dress you will forever savor in your memory- but a ton of other outfit needs. There are so many events: Engagement parties, Welcome Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower (Showers...), Bachelorette Dinners or Parties, and perhaps even a Day After Brunch.

    I picked a few of my favorite looks for summer weddings that work at all these events- for budget babes, like yourselves:
    Girly Bird Dress, $98
    Ruffle Dress, $20
    Halftone Honey Dress, $70

    Florals Galore

    Hello Wedding Season! Boy did you sneak up fast....
    Looking ahead to all the beautiful colors, and flowers of the season

    Wondering what flowers work great for your summer wedding? Consider these

    June Wedding: Lucky you! Peonies are in season (such a short season, such a pretty flower!), daisies, anemones (a personal fav.), freesia, gerbera daises, roses, dahlias

    July Wedding: Go tropical: flowers like Birds of Paradise abound. Or try: orchids, calla lilies, freesia, garden roses (see: David Austin), bulk it up with greens

    August wedding: Be wary of delicate blooms that will wilt quickly this month. Try hardy flowers like dahlias, lilies, babys breath, chrysanthemum. Hydrangeas work too, just be sure they are kept in water so they don't wilt.