November 14, 2011

I'm back!

I'm so sorry I left you all for so long. As I mentioned earlier today, I took a bit of a hiatus...But I am back with LOTS of goodies! New etsy favs today!!

So for now some new etsy favorite items I have been dying to share!! These are some inspiration for the "winter wedding" ladies. Shine on!

Snowflakes? Letterpressed? Shimmery? Yes please. 
Get these at etsy store: PurpleInkPress

Snowball snacks? Yes please!
Get em here, etsy shop: Simplydivinedesserts

These Winter themed programs are great. I love the different color bows!
Get these here: theweddingpaper

All about Home

Hi! I'm back. After a bit of a hiatus. Here I am.
I wanted to focus on a little amazing site I found.

I just bought the cutest little light pink teacups and dessert plates last week- and they are scheduled to arrive today!

Then I logged in today and saw this:

This cake dome is totally a necessity for the holidays! Or hello, dessert table at your wedding. Plus its only $29. How awesome is that? Seriously, run over to this site. I can't wait for my adorabs little dessert plates that I scored for $12 to arrive. Yippee!