November 23, 2010

DIY Project of the week

So, as I have said I am all about DIY'ing the details of the wedding...

I have so many "little" special details that I think I can achieve by doing it all myself (with the help of some talented friends) and I get inspired every single day for a new project.

So I thought I would share a DIY project of the week. Not that I will conquer that project in this week. But its going to be an idea that gets added to the "list". Maybe, when I get closer, I will document and share all the projects that get done ( albeit I still think it'll be more than a week...but I will see what magicial powers I have when the DIYing time comes)

So without further adieu: This week's DIY project of the week is soooo cute. I am thinking these will be great send off with leftovers or a little "thank you" candy bag at the rehearsel dinner. Super casual and cute.

amazing right? I am going to look for stamps asap for these. This is how a simple brown bag just turned chic!

Wedding Grub

As promised, wedding food ideas.

So I'm really obsessed with not only the Taste of the good but also of the look of it. Presentation is key and I made sure I made that known to my caterer. Think: Experience.

I was looking around for some cute "food ideas" and came across a bunch of photos to share.

The first thing I thought about was doing some really cute apps:

These single serve shrimp cups are super cute.

And then of course, desserts. How cute are these single serve desserts?
The idea of cute "individual" desserts was too hard to pass up. I have some special treats in store for my guests.


Cupcakes are obvisouly a huge trend right now. But even better are these cute flags.
I found some great ones on etsy. But it's really a pretty easy DIY (instructions to come this week)

It's one of my first projects I'll be working on, so I will share as it develops.

I'm always looking for new "fun" foodie ideas and food DIY, so pass them along!

Turkey Tuesday

Well ya, I know that Turkey day is actually Thursday-- but I love love love thanksgiving. I mean ya the food, but its such a nice time of year. I think all the crazy sales the next day are not up my alley- but I love the whole "we're in this together" mentality.  Going shopping at 2 am and everyone running around with arms full of bags. The whole fact that this weekend really kicks of the Christmas season-- which is my favorite season of all! (Check in with me again in February when we are knee deep and snow and see if I still feel that way).

In honor of Turkey Day coming I thought I would share some great articles/recipes. I know, I know, today I'm not super wedding esque-- but not to worry I'll post later on "wedding food"...

This stuffing sounds great. My mother is going to try her hand at it. It's def.  a "lighter" version of my Nana's old Sausage stuffing that included 2 lbs (yup 2) of sausage, hamburger and pepperoni. With about 2 cups of bread.... So in the hopes of swapping out the massive calories we're opting for this:

I'm also obsessed with Ramkins, but never use them. I eyed my friends that she brought by one time. So I ran out and bought a bunch... Then she went and got these cute little crocks with lids for individual use. So I told her I loved them. She bought em' for me... So now I am literally up to my nose in tiny crocks and ramkins-- and I've never used them. I am thinking of puting them to use Thanksgiving morning and making these:
Asparagus Souffle

I'll let you guys know if it happens or not...

November 22, 2010

Budget Finds!

So happy Monday. Tough Monday huh? A big dinner awaits us in a few days and we have to stumble through these few days at work. Ugh!
So with thanksgiving around the corner- there are also tons of holiday ads. I got caught up in "Sales" this weekend and hit the mall, plus I needed a cute new outfit to see some friends this weekend. Well. I didn't buy a single present. I did however, come home with 3 bags for myself :)

At any rate. I wanted to share I found my wedding purse!! Its so adorable, and I'd love to share a photo---but I can't... and I'd like to explain why. but let's just say---it involves gifts for others.. get where I'm going.
So it was a great "budget" friendly find. My wedding clutch cost me 17.95. Yup. Full price. and It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And then I figured I likely won't use a clutch on my wedding. I'm pretty sure someone will have to un-superglue the blackberry from my hands, and lock it in the hotel room-- and that my DOC will have my fav. lip gloss on her at all times, and I won't need cash....or my CC. But I don't care. Ill make SOMEONE carry it or at least get a photo of it, since its soooo cute!!

To give you an idea of what it looks like here's an "inspirational" picture. Think the organza (minus the price tag) of this Valentino bag

If I was to get this Valentino bag in a clutch it would run me about $250
Savings: $232.50
(and mine is even cuter!)
clutch inspiration

On a second note of "budget" purchases this weekend. I also got the gold chargers I've been dying over for under my plates. My caterer charged $5 pp to rent them. So I bought them at good ol' Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1.00 a piece. I ordered them, and they took about a week to come in. BUT HERE'S THE BEST PART: As I was in line, I saw a woman whip out a 20% off coupon "friends and family" so I asked her if she got it online ,and where I can get it. She said "it looks like you're buying a ton hunny, here's my extra coupon"...Whoo hoo. So I purchased 150 gold chargers for 80 cents, Ya, 80 cents a piece. With plans to sell them after my wedding....I basically will have had Free gold chargers on my tables, and saved myself the 5$ pp.

Savings: around $700 bucks!!

Decor Decor

So when I started looking for inspiration, I went right to decor and flowers. And Loving flowers as much as I do, I get enthralled at looking at the pictures of them. But when I came across this centerpiece I thought it was great. Simple. understated. fancy. cute. all my fav.things.

Love how simple yet elegant this looks...
all photos courtesy of the knot.

Love this! (this photo courtesy Belle Mer)...
These inspired me, but I think they are too much effort to DIY becuase of the time it will take the morning of.

My Fav. Place setting. These are my colors. Love!

November 19, 2010

First Post Formality Out of the way, phew

Now that the "first post" is out of the way... let me get to the goodies.

Here are some ideas I am loving right now: Budget weddings, eco chic, all things white and gold and blush pink, manzantia branches, rustic weddings (not for myself, but my! they are gorgeous), pictures that capture amazing lighting

The list can go on. What are you loving right now for wedding stuff?

Here's my picture of the day for inspiration:
How amazing are these place settings? (all photos courtesy theknot)

First Day. First Post... Welcome!

So today is my first ever blog post.
As you can see this blog is about (drum roll..) weddings... and everything that is before, during, and after the day as well.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions for posts, pictures, etc.

So here it is, the first post ever.