July 27, 2011

100th Post!

Today marks my 100th post. I am not sure who is reading this blog, but I know there are a few of you out there (or so says my blogspot stats). So happy post 100 to me! And to all my readers, thank you :)

July 26, 2011

Non-Floral Centerpieces

This past week I took a hop and a skip over to Jo-Ann's. I had a ton of coupons I just "had to use", plus I was working on a wedding project for my FI's sister. (Which I love- and took tons of photos of and will share soon!)

I ended up coming across these vases that were "just perfect". About 6" tall they are gold, and mercury glass. I figured I can concoct something floral to do with them. I only picked up a few, because I want the rest of my tables to be a mix of centerpieces.

I know what I want to do with the florals (well, I have an idea), and I am attempting some "high" branch-like centerpieces for other tables, but in hopes of saving myself some moolah, I wanted to do a few non-floral centerpieces.

I've been really stuck on what to do, so I obviously started scouring the Internet. Here is what I found. Hope you find some inspiration from these too :)!

Leave it to Martha to think of this idea. Whoa, Wheatgrass!


I actually love this idea, and think there are SO many twists to it!

Cupcakes, yes... this is made of cupcakes. Insane huh?

These are all non-floral. Totally paper. But I forewarn you a paper pomander takes a good 4 hrs to make on a good day. Mine is still HALF finished, and I'm 3 hrs deep.

Stack your favors for a really cute centerpiece. Plus, not delegating clean up of centerpieces or pack up at the end of the evening!

July 14, 2011

Color Inspiration: Orange ya glad you're getting married?

The sun is shining and it sure is hot, orange you inspired with tropical wedding colors? Mango, Hot pink, orange, bright sunburst of colors

A cute color combo!

July 11, 2011

Wedding Trends: REVAMP

Below is my list of the hottest wedding trends now. Perhaps you have seen these at a wedding this year.
Want to take it one step above the "trend"... see my suggestions for revamps!

Especially being in New England, beach themed weddings are the go-to element! Beachy themed cakes, starfish and sand dollars place cards, etc.
REVAMP: Take it up a notch, use the same color scheme (blues and greens) in a new way. Peacock!

You have seen tons of photos with brides wearing the chucks down the altar and hanging out in them during the reception.

REVAMP: Sure, you've seen chucks-- but be the first bride to wear TOMS. Super cute and sparkly too!

TREND 3: Submerged Flowers with Candles. These are a popular and low-cost alternative to floral centerpieces....and have a real eye catching look. But why not try something new...

REVAMP: Keep up the charm with a different type of centerpiece- Succulents. These are starting to pop up and they are great as favors, place card holders, or centerpieces. Plus, they are pretty unexpected.

July 8, 2011

4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th!! I am still reeling from the hot dogs and perhaps too much potato salad.

Here are some of the recaps from my 4th:

I made some hamburger cupcakes! It was my first attempt, and they didn't come out looking sooo amazing but people got the "idea" of em' and I think I will make them every 4th of July (hello, new tradition).
Here was my inspiration:

We celebrated over the weekend with family and friends.  We drank and ate a lot!!

And, we had some great views:

And lit some Sparklers, or as we Rhode Islanders would say- Sparklahs