September 12, 2011

The Bachelorette Party

This week there was a lot of fun (and funny) chat around bachelorette parties with my girlfriends. Here are some fun ideas of the girls day/night out!

INVITES:        Wedding paper divas has the cutest selection of invites

 Ever play Kings and love "categories". Well it's like an ongoing game of just categories. Think of 10 categories. IE: Wedding movies, bridal gown designers, first dance songs, types of flowers... then start shouting them out, in a circle. The person that gets tongue tied or can't think of a category has to drink (or if it's a non-alcoholic kind of event, do a funny dance or gets eliminated from the game, etc).

Finish his line:
Ask the groom to write 10 sentences about the bride. IE: "I love when on a Saturday morning she..". "She is prettiest when she is wearing..." The bride has to finish the sentences the way she thinks her fiance would answer them!

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