March 31, 2011

Color Inspiration: Pink and Grey

Here is a color combo I absolutely love, and thought about doing it for my own wedding.

It looks sleek and sophisticated but still really feminine.

Look how cute the shoes are! Those are likely a clip you can find online, on etsy, or at a boutique that sells em.
 I also love the table numbers!!

Smokin' signature drink

Bridesmaids dresses from J.Crew

March 30, 2011

Easy Recipe: Green Chicken and Rice

So last night, in need of a quick dinner-- and wanting to use up some "almost-bad" cherry tomatoes, I whipped up this Greek chicken dish.

So here is the result:

So here's what you need:
Olive oil
Sea Salt
1 Clove garlic
Cherry tomatoes (I used a half pint, though more is preferable)
1/2 of a Red Onion
1/3 of a block of FF Feta (or the real thing if you aren't watching your waist line)
2 cups cooked brown rice
1 lb Chicken Tenders


So here is what to do:
Cook chicken with 1 tsp olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, pepper and the clove of garlic until just cooked.
Remove Garlic Clove (it will burn if you keep it in)
Add Red Onion
Keep cooking chicken until it browns (my stove is on medium now)

Add 2 tbsp of the Yasou (delish!)
Mix around with the chicken and onion, cook 1 minute

Add tomatoes and add feta, mix
Add another tsp of the Yasou, mix

I covered and let it simmer for about 3 minutes-- this softens the feta and makes the tomatoes so good.

Serve over 1/2 cup Brown rice Per person  :) Viola!

Total Kitchen time: Around 40 minutes, including prep time, chopping,  and rice cooking

March 29, 2011

Paint the Town....Purple

This week, I am thinking of doing a different palatte of color inspiration everyday. Today, let's do purple. Just because I am in the mood for purple!!

Invites: Esty Shop: ShineInvitations

Ring: Etsy Shop: RomasBanaitis

Edible Butterflies: Etsy Shop: Sugar Robot

March 23, 2011

Wedding Woes (and nightmares too)

So again, I have been "blog slacking?".
Where have I been? Well, dealing with wedding woes. Firstly, I'd like to mention that once a week I have a "wedding nightmare". I don't get to the church on time, my hair and makeup aren't done, and I'm not wearing any shoes is the most popular one. Turns out I've read a lot of other brides have these same nightmares.. mostly with the same situations running through their heads-- although one knottie told me she has a nightmare that her florist ends up marrying her fiance!!

Anyway--- a few weeks ago I got an email that brought a "wedding nightmare" to life.

So I got an email  from our photographer stating that she was pretty sick- and had a health thing going on, and therefore can't photograph our wedding... Which stinks for two reasons. 1. We really loved her work and are bummed she cant shoot our wedding and 2. We are worried for her health and well being as a person.

I spent the better half of two weeks ago searching again for a new photographer that was a fit for our Style AND budget. Mind you, there are a lot of people out there that have great style, yet are pricey. And a lot of talented photogs in our budget- but they don't have the style we love.

We pretty much have it narrowed down to three photographers at this point! So I will let you know how it goes.

In the meantime I have been searching "utah engagement shoots" for some time on google. Why? Because TJ and I are hopefully headed back to Utah in August and would love to get some great photos done---so that we have an array of photos in RI and Utah before getting hitched!

Here is one cute photo I came across today.

March 16, 2011

South County Living, Brides

I just had to give credit where credit is due. One of my knottie ladies Kristen wrote an article for South County Living about Wedding Themes. Thanks for featuring me as one of your brides Kristen :)

The Article can be found here:

March 8, 2011

Extra Extra! Check it out!

I promised a special post and here it is. Extra special engagement shoot inspiration today. Check out these awesome photos from Brittany Leigh Photography!

Not only are these shots in Providence (how pretty!) but they also feature a pretty awesome couple! My friends Kate and Eric did their engagement shoot in downtown providence, near Waterplace park and at the State house... There is  a great mix of BnW photos, color, and "touch" of color.

The icing on the cake is that Kate is not only one of my very best friends, but also one of my bridesmaids :)

whoo hoo!

Check these out for some engagement inspiration:

know where this is?

This one is my fav!!

March 7, 2011

Wedding organization: APPS

Sooo....I haven't mentioned this yet-- but I won an Ipad! Whoop! I re tweeted Diamond Nexxus Labs last week and entered on Sunday night- and Wednesday afternoon it arrived at my door step.

I took some time to DL the basic apps.. but if you are an Iphone or Ipad or ITouch user here are the goods ones I discovered:

Here is my top APP: THE KNOT 911.

My favorite section of the day is Etiquette. Even if you think you "know everything" about wedding "dont's" you should probably brush up on it....Really ladies- I'm serious. I've seen some seriously poor etiquette mentioned lately on the knot boards, on invites, etc...

We all know the basics... STDs 8 months before, invites 2 months, make a room block at your hotel for OOT guests, make up some welcome bags/boxes, don't sit Uncle Sam next to his Ex wife.

But believe me this APP covers it all.
I even had my FI read through some of the questions (basically, people write in their Q's and The Knot Carly provides the answers)... he he was like "did you know....!"  "Listen to this!!"... believe me there were even questions I thought were so far left field-- but I was interested to see the answers.

This one is a pretty obvious app. But of every app i have on my Ipad (including wheel of fortune and "pimple" popper this is BY far the most interactive. It even won an "app" award because it is so interactive and advanced. The APP itself is free and you get a pretty good amount of play with the free app. Of course you can "subscribe" to the magazine for 4.99 and get a ton more goodies. 

The best part is that you can link to anything you love. If you see shoes on page 40 that you will die without, click on them...and up comes not only their designer, and price, but also where to buy them. Click the link and poof! they are yours.. it's legit magic.

You can also organize complete wedding outfits and just like the knot it has a "Scrapbook" you can save all your favorite items too-- therefore, when you hit up your florist you can just flick through your fav. photos!

This app also makes you look super cool and collected and organized going to see vendors, when you don't slam 8987 magazine clippings of "things you kinda like"on the table


This is really the ultimate bridal gown and "look book" it offers hundreds and hundreds of looks and options, plus you can totally mix and match. It costs 1.99. But I mean that's your only investment.

It also saves you hours of searching online/through magazines.. so I think it's well worth the price.

March 4, 2011

Going Public and Link up Friday

Linking up and sharing my weekend going on's with my fellow RI knottie over at  a Girl in Pearls and a Boy w/Toys!

Today is a big day. I took the blog  "public" aka I smeared its link all over my facebook page.
 I am excited to hopefully garner some new friends and followers in the process.

But that isn't even the best part of the weekend! The best part is heading to Hoboken today and celebrating St. Patty's day with all my lovely friends. yay! xo (therefore, expect my blog posts to reflect my exhausted, traveled-out, but totally happy self on Monday am!)

Friday Favorite Things: Etsy Edition

More Friday favorite things :)

This is a complete etsy edition. Happy Hunting

Non-Floral Bout option:
etsy shop: Fuzzy Rose

How super cute are these?
Etsy shop: Dear Jes

So this is one of my fav. pieces on etsy-- not only is it a Card box--but it comes with an alternative Roof and then turns into a bird house!! I wish I owned a home, and I would totally get one-- to match the colors of my house :( boo... also it's more affordable than you think ($98)
Etsy Shop: Clegg Farm Creations

This isn't really my "wedding style" but I am totally obsessed with this, especially as a Save the Date
Etsy shop: Felice Designs

Cute for you or a bridesmaid gift. Love the bow
Etsy shop: Babbs Boutique

March 3, 2011


So I know I have been totally slacking lately. Sorry.
It's not that I have nothing new or creative to say. I am just so stuck on a few certain elements of my own wedding that it's all I have been focusing on lately.

Firstly, we have been talking engagement shoots up the ... and I have a special treat planned for next Monday/Tues--so just wait and see what it is :). I promise its a goodie you'll love.

Anyway- I have been talking about the shoots so much lately, and there are so many photos to go through. I found this completely hysterical shoot along the way. And just wanted to share:

photos courtesy of the the unbride
this made me laugh out loud

March 1, 2011


Bliss Celebrations magazine launched a few weeks ago. I'm really excited that both the DJ for our wedding and our caterer were helping to host the event. Go Victor! Go Blackstone, (yay Danielle)!

I also want to say congratulations to my event planner, Erica-- who is featured in the Hyatt  Advertisement! How awesome is that? (check out pg. 151)

The launch party was a hit, but so is the magazine. It packs it's punch with over 300+ pages of  "event planning" information, color palettes (my fav.feature), featured events (including super amazing weddings, rehearsel dinners, annual corporate events, etc) and all kinds of  other goodies.

I picked up my copy today!

The cover comes from my personal fav. event in the magazine:
A Marie Antoniette themed wedding!