May 25, 2011

Venue Focus: Mount Hope Farm

Today's venue is a beautiful retreat, with an Ocean view, and room for guests to spend the night-- Welcome to the Mount Hope Farm. Located in beautiful Bristol- it really fits the Vintage Bride perfectly. Decorated with mason jars, and paper lanterns-this place would really shine. Made up of the barn, the cabin, and the Gov. Bradford House for events- there are also 3 different types of rooms/places to stay on the property.

The Barn

The Cabin- which offers water views

Location: Bristol
Contact: www. or  (877) 254-9300
Ceremony: Yes, it can be had on site
Reception: On site, in a choice of locations
Capacity: Cabin: 60 guests, Barn 140 Guests, Tent: up to 300 Guests
Accommodations: Some rooms on site, other hotels in nearby downtown Bristol
include the Bristol Harbor Inn
Price: $$
Other info: The Barn has AC, which is rare of these historic venues I have been featuring


May 24, 2011

Venue Focus: Glen Manor House

I picked the Glen Manor second because, well.. it was our 2nd choice venue. Really, this venue is my favvvortttie place in all of RI. But, as you know I am a self proclaimed "budget" bride by Rhode Island standards (take me to Atlanta and we have a different situation on our hands).

This was actually my first choice, but sometimes when you love something- you have to set it free....
Also, you have to listen to your purse strings (hey, I wanted to feed my guests too) and your fiances point of view too (imagine that!). TJ loved the Towers much more than Glen Manor and it was important we picked a place we BOTH loved.

I do still have a twinge of jealousy and a tear at my heart string when I hear of a bride getting married at the Glen Manor. But, I'm also really happy for her- knowing that this place is pure magic!

outside view

inside view (one room)
The Details:
Capacity: 200 guests (but this means some guests sit outside)
Contact: Katie and Don
Ceremony: On site available, with an additional fee
Cocktail hour: Can be done on outside patios/in the garden
Getting Ready: Can be done on added bonus!
Price: $$$.
Personal note on price: I would say you can do Glen Manor on a "budget" but it might be really cutting other things from your wedding. It's also good to know everything is an added cost from valet, to security, to a mandatory $1m insurance policy. There are significant savings to be had on Friday nights and Sundays.
Location: Portsmouth, RI

Venue Focus: Towers Narragansett

Just the other day I was "tweeting" (er, I'm not a huge twitterer...) and I tweeted to a RI vendor... "check out my RI wedding blog!". Then I realized, this wasn't really a Rhode Island wedding blog, was it? However, most of my readers are from the good ol' little state. Then I thought of all the newly engaged ladies, scouting venues this summer for their 2012 and 2013 weddings (how fun!!). So I decided that this week I would feature different Venue options for those RI brides to be.

How could I not include my own venue as the very first Venue Focus:

The Towers Narragansett
Outside View

Inside View

Here's the scoop:
Location: Narragansett, RI
Cost: $$*
Capacity: technically 180, but 150 comfortably
Ceremony: Yup, it can be done inside
Cocktail hour: Can be held inside our outside
Rentals: Must be done through liberty rentals (table, chairs, etc)
Local Hotels: The Village Inn, The Ocean Rose, The Hampton Inn, the Blueberry Cove BnB
Contact: Kate Vivian, (401) 782-2597
They've recently updated their site to include a video with tons of images!

Cost based on the following: $ super affordable, $$ affordable-average, $$$ pricier, $$$$ blow your budget

May 19, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

All this rain is crazy!! Where is the sun? It definitely brings on the rainy day blues... but yet, these couples couldn't look happier. Your photographer calls and says your shoot is going to be rained out? I say, tell them it's on!

Jen Disney Photo

Don't be afraid to go out in the rain! (Pham Photo)

Carolyn Scott Photo

I saved the best for last!! LOVE this :)

More Ephotos- Inspiration: COLOR

As I said yesterday. I just CAN NOT get enough of engagement photos. Every one is sooo unique and I really think they tell the story of the couple. Typically, I tend to gravitate towards B nW photos, Sepia tones and vintage hues-- but there is something to be said about an image that uses color to define it. Take a look at the below photos and you will immediately be drawn to the strong imagines simply on their use of a bold color!

Today's post is another special E-photo post, since I "know" (or will meet in June) the cute couple in these photos. They are my Fiance's Cousin Eric and his super-sweet fiance Janelle. Congrats-Can't wait to celebrate in June with you two!

Above Photo Credits :  Janie Cope
Side note: These two aren't locals- so unfortunately you Rhode Islanders can't head to the nearest Mountain Range....but you will go crazy over the photo with the skis-- bet you didn't think of that as an idea? It might have you and your fiance heading up to NH stat.

May 18, 2011

I never get tired of...

I never tire of looking at engagement photos. What is the one wedding thing you could NEVER tire of looking at? Let me know and I will do some posts so that you'll have new eye candy!

I'm in love with these vintage 50's photos:

Budget Brides: Here's your keys to budgeting

I promised plenty of budget bride ideas, because I consider myself a "budget bride".
Lately, I have been reading articles that are "ways to save on your big day" but I think the suggestions are annoying.

Here are the top 3:

Have your wedding on a weekday.
Don't do any flowers
Have a friend DJ or do your photos

Here is why, even if you are a budget bride- NONE of those will work

1. No one wants to go to your wedding on a Wednesday night, after work
2. No flowers? We're women
3. A Friend DJ? Ok... Ipods are great, and speaker systems are great. Who is announcing your first dance? Or that you are cutting the cake? You? The Groom? 
Non- professional photos? Ut uh. Your " friend" all of a sudden is dancing and you have no photos of certain elements of your wedding.

Here are some tips for the budget bride that doesn't want to budge on the look or feel of her event:

1. Hold your wedding on an "off" time like a Sunday afternoon, or a Friday evening. When people are still more apt to make it, but it is less expensive.

For example: A Saturday night wedding at the Glen Manor runs $7500 for a rental. Friday is $5500!!

2.Opt to skip on "some flowers".
-Use candles or lanterns on some tables.
-Have the florist create a few "wow" centerpieces, then use greens and a few florals on other tables.
-Spend money on your bouquet- it will be the focus of MANY photos, opt to do smaller bouquets- or corsages for your girls.... a single stem even.
-Also, don't rule out places like Whole Foods- brides have been known to get beautiful flowers there for a fraction of the cost.

3. Hire a DJ, but ask if they have another member of their team that DJ's for less.
-Call around for tons of estimates.
- Tell them you really want to book them but have a strict budget. Say they charge $1100 for the night and you want to stick to $950-- tell them that!! They want your business, and in these times, need it. If they don't lower the price, they might throw in something like a slide show, or an extra 1/2 hr of playing time for free.

The same goes with photographers. There are tons of professionals that are just "starting" out, but are actually trained and went to school for photography. You are better with someone like this, than a friend that has a good camera! 
-Or ask a photographer you love but is out of your price range for perhaps a recommendation of someone less expensive (this worked great for us).
-Finally, if you love a photographers work- but can't afford their 10 hr package. Think about a smaller 6 hr package. They can still get all the best moments- but just won't be there at the end of the night to catch the sweaty crowd doing the Macarena.

Finally, with all vendors. Be wary of an upsell. Sure the look of a pintuck satin linen is beautiful, but is  it worth the money? Your cotton pintuck linen looks just as good- and likely, your guests won't even know!

May 4, 2011

Another Great RI wedding...

Yes, another Rhode Island wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty today. My, My the site does seem to adore our tiny lil' state.

Check out today's front page posting of this couple that married at Whispering Pines...