August 25, 2011

The Countdown Begins- 365 (366) Days to Go!

And so it has finally arrived. It is one year until I become a Mrs. (well technically you see, next year is a leap year and so TOMORROW is really 365 days away!-- but I don't care about that measily day!)

It is here, the final countdown. The Church, Reception, Caterer, and DJ are booked!! The Florist and Officiant come next :)
Some would say "you are a year out, what is left to do". For those doubting that I have things to occupy my time let me give you a short list:

A WEDDING DRESS (yup, I haven't even LOOKED, not one time, except online)
Bridesmaids dresses (although we did find a cute one, but still NEED to look more)
Table numbers
save the dates
picking out paper for said save the dates
Centerpieces (figuring it all out)
Cakes and cake tastings
deciding on what wines/beers/booze to serve.
Wine Tastings
Deciding on shoes
Engagement photos
MOB dress
Figuring out tuxes
Seating charts
Table Linens (REALLY excited to go to Felicia's and pick out some linens)
Oh did I mention the beauty prep yet: Facials and skin care and gym and excercise and preparing a healthy menu for the next year!
Place Cards (deciding on those oh my!)
Vendor meetings
lists and lists and more lists of must take photos and must play songs
hotel tours, and booking rooms

Shall I continue??

It is all starting to cave in on me like a huge wedding cave coming to fruitiation.
Therapists must make millions on this business!!!!

And you wondered why Brides are crazy.......!!

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  1. haha just wait. i'm at 3 months out and the stress is PILING on. by the end of it we'll have had a 17 month engagement, so i've had plenty of time...but it's still nerve wracking. good luck on your planning! make the most of your time :)