August 30, 2011

Let there be light!

Sorry friends, I havene't blooged because it's been a wild ride after the storm- and quite honestly, not having power for so long was rather annoying....
But luckily, our lights are back on. I can't say the same for some of my friends though- so i hope that Mr National Grid bearer of all lights helps them out soon....

August 25, 2011

The Countdown Begins- 365 (366) Days to Go!

And so it has finally arrived. It is one year until I become a Mrs. (well technically you see, next year is a leap year and so TOMORROW is really 365 days away!-- but I don't care about that measily day!)

It is here, the final countdown. The Church, Reception, Caterer, and DJ are booked!! The Florist and Officiant come next :)
Some would say "you are a year out, what is left to do". For those doubting that I have things to occupy my time let me give you a short list:

A WEDDING DRESS (yup, I haven't even LOOKED, not one time, except online)
Bridesmaids dresses (although we did find a cute one, but still NEED to look more)
Table numbers
save the dates
picking out paper for said save the dates
Centerpieces (figuring it all out)
Cakes and cake tastings
deciding on what wines/beers/booze to serve.
Wine Tastings
Deciding on shoes
Engagement photos
MOB dress
Figuring out tuxes
Seating charts
Table Linens (REALLY excited to go to Felicia's and pick out some linens)
Oh did I mention the beauty prep yet: Facials and skin care and gym and excercise and preparing a healthy menu for the next year!
Place Cards (deciding on those oh my!)
Vendor meetings
lists and lists and more lists of must take photos and must play songs
hotel tours, and booking rooms

Shall I continue??

It is all starting to cave in on me like a huge wedding cave coming to fruitiation.
Therapists must make millions on this business!!!!

And you wondered why Brides are crazy.......!!

August 23, 2011

Giveaway- Vintage Modern Bride

The lovely lady over at the Vintage Modern Bride has a rockin' giveaway today.
50 Lovely Thank You Notes, just for you:

Go enter! Go like her! Go follow her!
You won't be sorry.

August 11, 2011

Little wedding details

I can't say it enough. And I know I have said it before. The KEY to a personalized, unique, and memorable wedding is all in the personalized details. Here are my favorite picks for a way to express yourself like no one else, on a day that is about you and your fiance!

Personalized, custom designed stationary. Or- if that is too pricey-at least, stationary that fits your personalities as people or as a couple. This is really important. Also, don't worry your Save the Date and your invites don't have to be cohesive. So if you want to stay more traditional for your invites- your Save the Date is a chance to be a little risky.

ps. paper quality matters!

This bride hand drew this entire invite. Not that talented? Take a clue from her, use envelope liners for some pizazz
These two are literally saving the date!

Decor: Go beyond basics. Everyone does highs and lows with flowers for centerpieces. Bring centerpieces up a notch. Use ornaments, books, succulents, favors, fruit or any other kind of prop you can thing of. Think of things that are relatable and appropiate for your wedding (think personal!). Having a beach wedding? Incorporate sand. Have a Garden wedding? Incorporate moss or grass. Check out my past posts about unique centerpieces.

Lighting: Think about how lighting sets the mood. Think about lighting in everyday life- the stark lighting of the office, candlelight at dinner. Make sure your lighting matches the mood you want to set. Lanterns and candles are a really great way to "soften" the atmosphere. Uplighting provides a soft, warm feel, or a fun feel depending on the colors.

August 9, 2011

Alert Alert, cute cheap weddingness

I'm so lucky to have clicked and visited The Vintage Modern Bride today (

She announced that she picked up a $2 "Future Mrs..." shirt on Vistaprint.

Now, we all know the amazingness of Vistaprint (hello, 100 return address labels for free) but this deal was just super awesome!!

So- Without further adieu, here is my shirt: (well his shirt...he just doesn't know it yet)

Now I just have to convince him to wear it on the day of!

Get your coupon here:
Click "activate"

Website of the Day: Obsession

I am totally in love with Not only do they give great inspriation for wedding decor, then they tell you how to execute it- plus you can buy everything you need to complete the look. I am especially loving their square hydrangea wreaths!

Check it out:

August 5, 2011

Trash The Dress

Yesterday, TheKnot posted a Facebook Q about Trashing the Dress. Would you do it? Too crazy? Thoughts?
The girls came back with 100 reasons why or why not.
The top reason to trash the dress: You are getting married One time- you'll never need that dress again and your daughter is never going to want to wear it.
The top reason not to: Why ruin thousands of dollars of material, beading and beauty.

I actually LOVE these photo shoots. They are fun, and something to look back on and smile at for sure! Personally, I won't be trashing my wedding day dress (when I get one that is). But I would consider doing a TTD with another store bought, sale dress that I pick up super cheap. It looks like a ton of fun!!!

Thinking of doing a TTD? Check out these for inspiration: