December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is getting all ready for the upcoming madness that is the holiday season.

Just wanted to share some really cute inspiration from Christmas themed weddings:

December 14, 2011

Really Exciting Stuff!

Calling all RI and close by MA brides!!
As you all know, I am a total type A person, and am picky picky picky. So it was a TASK to find all my perfect vendors to create my dream team. One of those fantastic ladies that I chose was Kristin Greene from Simply Beautiful. The minute I met Kristin it was like chatting with a friend. I felt that I could exhale when I met her, that I could be open and honest about everything wedding without being guarded. Honesty after all, helps a bride achieve what she REALLY wants.

After my awesome trial with Kristin, I soon began following her Facebook page "Simply Beautiful by Kristin Greene".

Well- am I glad I did. I wanted to let everyone know that Kristin is looking for models for gel polish, updos, airbrush makeup and extensions. What better time to try out your wedding look when it's free of charge-plus you will be totally helping Kristin and her girls out!

I suggest you head over to facebook right NOW and volunteer.

Check out Kristin's work on her website:
(where you can see a lovely photo of fellow knottie Faith!)



December 8, 2011

Which dress is my wedding dress?!

Want to play a little game?
On Monday I got measured for my wedding dress ,which is being ordered tomorrow but unfortunately I won't have in my possession until the second week of June. I am so saddened by this, because I basically want to wear this dress ever day of the week and sing it from the rooftops that "i found my dress". I can't believe I found the dress I am going to get MARRIED in. I really can't believe I have been thinking about my wedding day, practicing walking down the aisle, and wearing a pillow case as a veil since I was a little girl. That I have looked at thousands of wedding photos of other gals, and thousand more dress photos and that it all boiled down to THIS ONE DRESS. I wish my dress could talk to me. I wish it could say how happy it was to have been awarded the task of being the thing I wear on my big day. I would imagine it is kind of like an actress winning a role in a new hit sitcom (or at least, I imagine my dress would feel that good!). I mean-- I can't get over it. I can't believe it, and I am super excited.

So let's play a game. One of these dresses is MY dress. The rest are not. Which one do you think it is? Sorry, I won't reveal which dress is mine- and if you already know please stay hush!!- but we will have a little fun looking! Some of these dresses were even contenders, but the "one" just topped them all! I will tell you one thing, it is nothing like the dress I THOUGHT I would get!

Dress: Allure Couture

Dress: Oleg Cassini

Dress: Allure Couture

dress:Justin Alexander

Dress: Paloma Blanca

Dress: Paloma Blanca