August 5, 2011

Trash The Dress

Yesterday, TheKnot posted a Facebook Q about Trashing the Dress. Would you do it? Too crazy? Thoughts?
The girls came back with 100 reasons why or why not.
The top reason to trash the dress: You are getting married One time- you'll never need that dress again and your daughter is never going to want to wear it.
The top reason not to: Why ruin thousands of dollars of material, beading and beauty.

I actually LOVE these photo shoots. They are fun, and something to look back on and smile at for sure! Personally, I won't be trashing my wedding day dress (when I get one that is). But I would consider doing a TTD with another store bought, sale dress that I pick up super cheap. It looks like a ton of fun!!!

Thinking of doing a TTD? Check out these for inspiration:

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