June 15, 2011

The Unplugged Wedding

Hello! I'm back, phew.

So yesterday the offbeatbride.com, a great blog did a feature on the unplugged wedding.
Coming right off the plane from a wedding myself- I have to say that bride was lucky, there weren't too many cell phone cameras and other digital devices.

But.... how do you feel about guests using their cellphones or cameras to capture video or photos during the ceremony?

The thought process on offbeat bride was that your ceremony is pretty short usually, if 15, 20, 30 minutes for the two of you to connect together and with your guests. It's an emotional time, and not really a time you want guests to be fiddling with their cameras. You want to SHARE the experience together.

Also, when researching this topic I found tons of threads and message boards with photographers complaining that guests were getting in the way of their shots...which makes their job difficult.

Look here:

That flip camera isn't going to nab a great shot, so just put it down!
You can find this template on offbeatbride.com. Perhaps it could be used in the program or at the door.

Besides the template above, what other solutions do you have?

  • Print a matching reminder card and attach it to the outside of your ceremony program.

  • Appoint one of your ushers to make an announcement to the waiting guests: “Guests of the Bride and Groom, the ceremony is about to begin. We ask that you kindly turn off your cell phones at this time.”

  • I'm a fan of the latter. Easy and to the point. As the usher is escorting guests to their seats simply have him say "please turn off your cell phone, and limit camera usage"

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