June 30, 2011

Secrets of the to-be-wed

Like every "secret" society, sorority, organization or even group of close friends- secrets exists within the "to-be-wed" tribe. Want to be in the know? Well, I will let you in on some of the unknowns.

1. Who is Crafty Eddy?
Have you heard that name in passing and thought who is this man?
Well Crafty Eddy is in fact a secret of the to-be-wed tribe. But..what does he do? Why he is a monogram cake topper maker! Yes, seriously, that is what he does.

A photo of his work. Reach Eddy here: Craftyeddy@gmail.com
Perhaps you want to check out his website... Sorry! he doesn't have one. He's reachable by e-mail only. But, I promise you, if you are looking for a monogram cake topper he is the go-to-guy. Not only that, but he works alongside a woman that will Bling your cake topper if you so chose. Just e-mail him with what you are looking for, and he will shoot you an e-mail back with photos of what he can do for you!

2.Luna Bazaar
Ok, maybe this one is not sooo secretive. I mean, there is a website so you don't have to track them down.  Do a quick google search and you can find them. But I think every bride to be, and especially every budget bride to be knows about Luna Bazaar-- and if you aren't a bride, you likely...don't.

Luna carries everything from paper lanterns and parasols to jewelry for your bridal party and favors-- and everything in between.

Looking for a parasol? A pillow cover? A favor box? visit: www.lunabazaar.com
PS. Want to DIY a paper parasol with a "thank you" or an initial. Visit here for the DIY tutorial:

PPS. In addition to Luna Bazaar, check out Oriental Trading (ya, it's not just for teachers!)

3. Personalized Etsy aka the new Alchemy
Notice I didn't say "personalize your wedding with etsy"...uh---everyone knows that! I mean personalize your Etsy. Did you know that Etsy vendors are very talented? Ya, obvi. But did you know that if you see an etsy shop and you like what they are making, doing, providing-- that you can personally contact the seller and ask for customization? Well, you can.

A while back Etsy has a thing called "ALCHEMY" that has since gone bye-bye. It was basically an e-bay where you requested a service. IE: "I would like 200 fuschia pink and blue organic soaps made as favors and I want to pay $1 each". All the Soap makers would clamor about and yell "yes I want to supply that". In reality, they would Bid on what you wanted made. Basically, they were providing you a quote for their personalized service.

While Etsy rebuilds Alchemy and makes it better- they suggest to simply do the human thing- reach out! Yes, make personal contact. E-mail the Etsy seller and  tell them what you want and how much you are willing to pay and simply ask "can you do this?". Most likely, if it's in their area of expertise and they accept the price- you are on your way to personalization city.

It's a great way to get already cool, funky stuff Etsy produces, in a more personalized way.

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