June 17, 2011


Since it's Friday, I wanted to announce my series for next week's post: REAL BRIDES.

These are women in my life, friends, colleagues, my girls from the knot boards, etc that are planning their wedding. Hopefully they will inspire you in some way :)

And...how could I start this series without first focusing on myself and my fiance, TJ.

Hello! This is us about a year and a half ago. We were in Utah visiting his family.

Here is our ceremony site: The South Ferry Church. I think this is SUCH an amazing shot of it...

About us: We met while I was living in Boston and TJ was working for a few weeks at the USS Constitution in Charlestown. We ended up having to do long distance for a while (Boston to slc... how I am sooo familiar with that flight!), and then TJ was deployed for 9 months to Afghanistan. He came back in June 2009 and moved to Rhode Island that October.

and...here are the details:
Wedding Date: 8-25-2012
Ceremony: South Ferry Church
Reception: Narragansett Towers

And our reception site... The Towers, Narragansett

Wedding Colors/Scheme: Blush Pink, Gold, White, some black - Vintage meets Hollywood Glam
Best Part of Planning: Meeting so many new friends-either my knottie girls or my vendors. There is a "world" of wedding planning--that I never knew existed---its like another universe. But, it's so fun!
Worst Part: Paying for it-- I thought money grew on trees?!
What advice would I give my "newly" engaged self: You can't and you Won't make everyone happy. Everyone has an opinion, take it in stride. Keep wedding chatter to a minimum-- start a blog so you can discuss your wedding there instead.... :) (hahaha)

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