November 23, 2010

DIY Project of the week

So, as I have said I am all about DIY'ing the details of the wedding...

I have so many "little" special details that I think I can achieve by doing it all myself (with the help of some talented friends) and I get inspired every single day for a new project.

So I thought I would share a DIY project of the week. Not that I will conquer that project in this week. But its going to be an idea that gets added to the "list". Maybe, when I get closer, I will document and share all the projects that get done ( albeit I still think it'll be more than a week...but I will see what magicial powers I have when the DIYing time comes)

So without further adieu: This week's DIY project of the week is soooo cute. I am thinking these will be great send off with leftovers or a little "thank you" candy bag at the rehearsel dinner. Super casual and cute.

amazing right? I am going to look for stamps asap for these. This is how a simple brown bag just turned chic!