November 23, 2010

Turkey Tuesday

Well ya, I know that Turkey day is actually Thursday-- but I love love love thanksgiving. I mean ya the food, but its such a nice time of year. I think all the crazy sales the next day are not up my alley- but I love the whole "we're in this together" mentality.  Going shopping at 2 am and everyone running around with arms full of bags. The whole fact that this weekend really kicks of the Christmas season-- which is my favorite season of all! (Check in with me again in February when we are knee deep and snow and see if I still feel that way).

In honor of Turkey Day coming I thought I would share some great articles/recipes. I know, I know, today I'm not super wedding esque-- but not to worry I'll post later on "wedding food"...

This stuffing sounds great. My mother is going to try her hand at it. It's def.  a "lighter" version of my Nana's old Sausage stuffing that included 2 lbs (yup 2) of sausage, hamburger and pepperoni. With about 2 cups of bread.... So in the hopes of swapping out the massive calories we're opting for this:

I'm also obsessed with Ramkins, but never use them. I eyed my friends that she brought by one time. So I ran out and bought a bunch... Then she went and got these cute little crocks with lids for individual use. So I told her I loved them. She bought em' for me... So now I am literally up to my nose in tiny crocks and ramkins-- and I've never used them. I am thinking of puting them to use Thanksgiving morning and making these:
Asparagus Souffle

I'll let you guys know if it happens or not...