November 23, 2010

Wedding Grub

As promised, wedding food ideas.

So I'm really obsessed with not only the Taste of the good but also of the look of it. Presentation is key and I made sure I made that known to my caterer. Think: Experience.

I was looking around for some cute "food ideas" and came across a bunch of photos to share.

The first thing I thought about was doing some really cute apps:

These single serve shrimp cups are super cute.

And then of course, desserts. How cute are these single serve desserts?
The idea of cute "individual" desserts was too hard to pass up. I have some special treats in store for my guests.


Cupcakes are obvisouly a huge trend right now. But even better are these cute flags.
I found some great ones on etsy. But it's really a pretty easy DIY (instructions to come this week)

It's one of my first projects I'll be working on, so I will share as it develops.

I'm always looking for new "fun" foodie ideas and food DIY, so pass them along!