January 3, 2011

Banner Love- This week's DIY

This week's DIY is actually something I am going to throw together real soon. As soon as I get my hands on some burlap and string to do so.

I absolutely love these banners and while I think they are adorable for weddings- I also think they will look great used on our engagement shoot (see tomorrow for more engagement shoot inspiration).

You can grab these for around $20 on Etsy, but the entire thing would cost you under $5 to make-- and a little patience and a rainy/snowy winter afternoon....

Basically you need:
Burlap (tan or white (if you can find white-- I've had no success)
Felt or Fabric Scraps
Large knitting thread and knitting needle
Large Grosgrain or other type of sturdy ribbon (about 2 yards depending on the length of your banner)

Once I do it I will put in a full tutorial. But It basically goes like this:
  • Cut the burlap into enough triangles or squares as your need.
  • Sew on some fabric cut into a square, heart, circle, whatever
  •  With the knitting thread (if you want it to have a contrasting effect pick a lighter or darker thread: I like the look of the red fabric and white stitching).
  • Hand sew the fabric on.
  • Cut out the letters in felt, Glue gun em' on.
  • Use a fabric pen to jazz it up.
  • Take the whole thing and glue it to the ribbon.

I know,that sounds easy right? Well, it is. It might not be 100% at the quality of the Etsy sellers.. .well I'll be honest its not. But I guarantee it will look cute and hold up long enough for you to use it in wedding photos, hang it on a doorway, on a fence, or on the back of your car.... and serve its purpose :)

I'll post pics once I get going!!

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