January 3, 2011

Wedding Savings: Ordering from Wholesalers

I promised some budget tips along the way, so here's a big one I've learned: Order Wholesale.

When I think of wholesale I think of huge packs of cereal, but think about it with 100+ guests you are a wholesale contender.

There are an abundance of stateside shops online like Save-on-Crafts, but there is also the ability to reach out and hit up our overseas friends. One big giant: MadeinChina.com. You can find everything on there from paper fans and tins to pack favors in-- to.. .wait for it... wedding dresses! If you are more daring than I am, consider ordering a wedding dress. They have the same styles as the big chains-- for a fraction of the price. In fact, many of the companies overseas are the ones producing the dresses for the big "name" wedding dress companies-- so you might be getting a dress that is from their very order!

One hint: Watch for price breaks. When ordering wholesale you're likely to get a price break at a certain quantity. So if you have 125 guests and you want to order 125 items-- price out ordering 150-- it may be cheaper since you hit the next price tier.

Happy Bargain hunting!

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