January 4, 2011

Engagement Photo Session

Last year we kinda sorta decided we would likely want our engagement photos to be done in the fall.. since we are getting married in the summer it would be a different look-- and we have an awesome back drop right in our own back yard. Tons of "fields" for those "field" shots popping up on all photographers blogs....a quaint little rustic looking white shed, a bridge for us to take those "holding hands on the bridge shots"... but I was quick to tell any photographer I met "NO CHEESY SHOTS!" ..... to which every photog replied, "just like every other bride tells us"...

So since we are all in agreement... no cheese ball shots (IE staring into each others eyes while waves crash and birds chirp!) and we all want something a "little different" I thought I'd post the pictures that inspired me for the look I want... (and a few others that I just plain LOVE!)

I'll call this first group the "plain clothes" group. I love these shots and want to incorporate some in my own shoot... all credits to these photographers per their photos:

This would be perfect for our back by the River where we live!

See you can include your dog and not be too cheese central...how cute!

I like the light on these pictures, and have seen some great wedding day ones with the same lighting...

Now onto my favorites!!! These are my absolute favs and if I could convince my fiance to do this I would. I Love love love love heart them xo. Enjoy:

Super vintage!!

My all time, favorite engagement shot ever.
  So I included these next ones because it is something I would never do.. but came out amazing. They are the Notebook inspired.. maybe its because the girl looks a lot like Rachel McAdams-- but these came out great!

How great is this?
Just one more i had to add that i found tonight and l-o-v-e:

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