December 13, 2010

The Long and Short of it

One thing I haven't spent much time on since its obviously a bit early is looking at dresses. For myself, I have checked out styles but I've yet to try on any dresses.

For bridesmaids,  I haven't put much thought into it yet. But I know I want something light, chiffon and in blush pink or champagne color--perhaps with a black accent.

I saw this photo of some blush pink Vera dresses that were organza and just light and airy look (google search : "blush pink Vera bridesmaid"  and you will find it) but at $280 a pop those won't fly with me for my ladies. So I found a few alternatives. Specifically from Bari Jay's line and the new LOVE Enzononi lines. Both lines are affordable and pretty trendy. Plus they carry the hard to come by (and worse to look at on a computer screen) "blush" color.

Some Great dresses:

The chiffon of these is hopefully a crowd pleaser. But then the question is long or short? There are arguments for both. I am having a decidedly formal wedding. Let's say we're going for "vintage glam" look for the girls because of this. Surely, a long dress is deemed appropriate.

Then there is the "comfort" and usability level of a shorter dress. But I'm not sure the "formality" is there. Arguably they are easier to use again, I mean no bridesmaid really "cuts down" their bridesmaid dress and wears it again. I keep thinking though (and this is likely me) that a bridesmaid dress still had the stigma of a bridesmaid dress--"wear it again" style or not. Short or long. I mean are any girls really throwing a blazer on over their old bridesmaid dress and heading off to work?! David's Bridal says they are...

Here is a cute option that I love for a short dress and I think it still says "Formal"
(albeit one of my bridesmaids has already worn it)....

Ohhh... the choices...

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  1. i'm obsessed with the first dress... obsessed!!!!!!