December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It came to my attention last night while watching a Say Yes to the Dress Marathon that not everyone wants to get married in the summer.... and that just because I am-- does not mean there aren't a host of girls aren't out there that aren't (imagine that)...

When I sat back and thought about it there are an innumerate amount of reasons to get married in the winter:
The Sparkle of Snow!!!
Plenty of choices for favors (snowflake ornaments anyone? How cute is that)
Fur wraps for you and your bridal party
oh and did I mention HUGE discounts on vendors and reception sites! Enough to afford you the most magicaly of  a winter wedding.

For a quick second thinking of a winter wedding made me think about changing my wedding date--- for a REALLY quick second-- I mean imagine the things you could do with white painted Manzanita branches and crystals !!! (the i remember the work I put into guaranteeing I would get married on the dryest weekend slated for 2012 (thank you farmers almanac), in the dryest month of the year-- hello Hot august!)

but really. how beautiful are these wedding photos below:

This would be a must-have photo at a winter wedding (pending you are lucky enough to get a blanket of white)

See these manzanita branches and trees? I told you that magnificant winter things could be done....

I'm pretty sure this is the most romantic wedding photo I've seen!


  1. One of the best weddings I attended was a winter wedding at Linden Place. We had hot chocolate and smores upon arrival and the whole feel of the reception was so warm and intimate (candle light). The bride used tons of silver and pops of red. Each guest took home a personalized snow flake ornament to hang on their tree. And the best part was the fresh snow on the ground which happen to be the first real snow fall of the year. It was just wonderful. Those images above makes me think of that wedding. As a late spring/early summer bride, I sometimes have second thoughts but no way I can marry on the beach in winter and not freeze my butt off!

  2. @Moni-
    You are sooo right! Wearing a coat to my wedding is not ideal to me. But the s'more's probably makes it worth it to some girls!!
    It's really an intimite setting in the winter--all cozy and together with friends and family... if we hadn't already booked our venue I might be considering a winter wedding at the Glen or Linden place too!!