July 11, 2011

Wedding Trends: REVAMP

Below is my list of the hottest wedding trends now. Perhaps you have seen these at a wedding this year.
Want to take it one step above the "trend"... see my suggestions for revamps!

Especially being in New England, beach themed weddings are the go-to element! Beachy themed cakes, starfish and sand dollars place cards, etc.
REVAMP: Take it up a notch, use the same color scheme (blues and greens) in a new way. Peacock!

You have seen tons of photos with brides wearing the chucks down the altar and hanging out in them during the reception.

REVAMP: Sure, you've seen chucks-- but be the first bride to wear TOMS. Super cute and sparkly too!

TREND 3: Submerged Flowers with Candles. These are a popular and low-cost alternative to floral centerpieces....and have a real eye catching look. But why not try something new...

REVAMP: Keep up the charm with a different type of centerpiece- Succulents. These are starting to pop up and they are great as favors, place card holders, or centerpieces. Plus, they are pretty unexpected.

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