May 19, 2011

More Ephotos- Inspiration: COLOR

As I said yesterday. I just CAN NOT get enough of engagement photos. Every one is sooo unique and I really think they tell the story of the couple. Typically, I tend to gravitate towards B nW photos, Sepia tones and vintage hues-- but there is something to be said about an image that uses color to define it. Take a look at the below photos and you will immediately be drawn to the strong imagines simply on their use of a bold color!

Today's post is another special E-photo post, since I "know" (or will meet in June) the cute couple in these photos. They are my Fiance's Cousin Eric and his super-sweet fiance Janelle. Congrats-Can't wait to celebrate in June with you two!

Above Photo Credits :  Janie Cope
Side note: These two aren't locals- so unfortunately you Rhode Islanders can't head to the nearest Mountain Range....but you will go crazy over the photo with the skis-- bet you didn't think of that as an idea? It might have you and your fiance heading up to NH stat.

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