May 24, 2011

Venue Focus: Glen Manor House

I picked the Glen Manor second because, well.. it was our 2nd choice venue. Really, this venue is my favvvortttie place in all of RI. But, as you know I am a self proclaimed "budget" bride by Rhode Island standards (take me to Atlanta and we have a different situation on our hands).

This was actually my first choice, but sometimes when you love something- you have to set it free....
Also, you have to listen to your purse strings (hey, I wanted to feed my guests too) and your fiances point of view too (imagine that!). TJ loved the Towers much more than Glen Manor and it was important we picked a place we BOTH loved.

I do still have a twinge of jealousy and a tear at my heart string when I hear of a bride getting married at the Glen Manor. But, I'm also really happy for her- knowing that this place is pure magic!

outside view

inside view (one room)
The Details:
Capacity: 200 guests (but this means some guests sit outside)
Contact: Katie and Don
Ceremony: On site available, with an additional fee
Cocktail hour: Can be done on outside patios/in the garden
Getting Ready: Can be done on added bonus!
Price: $$$.
Personal note on price: I would say you can do Glen Manor on a "budget" but it might be really cutting other things from your wedding. It's also good to know everything is an added cost from valet, to security, to a mandatory $1m insurance policy. There are significant savings to be had on Friday nights and Sundays.
Location: Portsmouth, RI

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