March 1, 2011


Bliss Celebrations magazine launched a few weeks ago. I'm really excited that both the DJ for our wedding and our caterer were helping to host the event. Go Victor! Go Blackstone, (yay Danielle)!

I also want to say congratulations to my event planner, Erica-- who is featured in the Hyatt  Advertisement! How awesome is that? (check out pg. 151)

The launch party was a hit, but so is the magazine. It packs it's punch with over 300+ pages of  "event planning" information, color palettes (my fav.feature), featured events (including super amazing weddings, rehearsel dinners, annual corporate events, etc) and all kinds of  other goodies.

I picked up my copy today!

The cover comes from my personal fav. event in the magazine:
A Marie Antoniette themed wedding!

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