February 2, 2011

This week's Fake it

So it came to me today, while home on a "snow day". Ya know while I was "working from home"....it came to me when I was bored and decided to cook. That as someone "getting married" guess what, you will more likely than not come home and have to cook for 2.
No more PBnJ's and a bag of Doritos in front of the Bachelor. No more take out on speed dial...its time to start saving (you have big things on the horizon...houses, kids, traveling, etc)...so roll up your sleeves and start cooking! So i have decided to every week feature a "fake it, don't make it" dinner that I have made myself.

Disclaimer: By no means am I an excellent cook. But at some point you realize that you will not be able to eat what your fiance or husband can every night  ( I warn you now you can't... I learned this LATER rather than sooner--so be forewarned before your hips start expanding!)... But we do as a couple, sit down at a table and eat together usually about 5 times a week... and you start to realize that you want the person on the other side of the table to be happy with the meal--- but that doesn't mean having Mac n Cheese or pizza every other day.

For the last year and a half, I have perfected a few "fake it" recipes that are by NO MEANS at all garment- -but they got a good response from TJ and so I figured they'd become my staples... and now I will share them with you.  Believe me, if you have never lifted a wooden spoon before you can do these!! Think of your mom, she's probably a great cook right? But, you know what,...even SHE started somewhere.

So without further rambling.
 Today's Fake it Recipe: Penne Pink Vodka (in ode to my Bridesmaid Mox because it always reminds me of her.xo.)

Here is what you need:
1 Can tomato paste (the small one)
2 small -8oz-cans tomato sauce (I prefer Hunt's or Pastene btw)
2 oz vodka (think a shot glass, or a nip)
1 pint light cream (now here's the thing this will taste infinitely better if you use 1/2 cup HEAVY cream--but in the essence of trying to save some calories on this.. I use the whole pint of light cream-- I've never done the math to see the caloric difference though--so I wouldn't be astonished if there wasn't much of a difference)
Fresh Basil (you can do without, but it makes it feel so fresh an authentic)
Clove of Garlic
half of a small onion (sorry, I don't know, maybe that's 1/3 cup!?)
Garlic powder
Italian seasoning
olive oil

Ok, so I don't really have measurements, but I promise you will understand what I mean if you follow along.
Put a drizzle (ok so figure like 2 tsp) of olive oil in your pan...
Add the clove of garlic chopped
Add the onion

Keep pan on medium and saute.

Next, Take the two tomato sauce cans and add them to the mix. Turn stove to low

On low, stir and add in tomato paste.

Let it sit on low for a few minutes (this is when I clean up the onion peels and throw away your tomato sauce cans-- see multitasking...

Now measure out your vodka

Add the vodka. Stir it around for a bit... on low
Now, add the cream little by little. I do a bit of it at a time. Again, not sure how much-- just drizzle it... maybe like 1/4 of the pint at a time... got it?

Ok now.. here's the big thing. Add in a BIG dash of Italian seasoning...Like shake it out of the container 4-5 times.. big shakes

Add one shake of Garlic powder

Add one Basil leave. Cover and let this simmer on low-- you know, throw in the laundry do whatever....
(I'm writing this post while mine simmers)

Test it.. You will know right away if you need more vodka if you can't taste it. Sometimes I add a bit more olive oil and a little bit of vodka-- again like one shake of the bottle....

Then you get this:

I put it over Penne (I prefer smart taste...less calories..)
Add some fresh grated cheese.. a good cheese goes a long way
add a basil leave chopped on top and you have a "fancy" dinner for two-- cheaper and better than eating out and he will think your sooo grand and  a fancy cook :) Promise.

NEXT WEEK's FAKE IT: A Roast (yes like a legit Roast.. and I promise you can do this)

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