January 13, 2011

Dresses Cont'd

Have some issues with blogspot today but none the less wanted to continue on the discussion of dresses.

Onto the big guns. Here are some wedding dresses I am loving for myself right now:

Like more girls I love me some Vera Wang. Her collection is above, however, she is also coming out with a line for David's Bridal. It was already premiered on the Oprah show-- but the picture of the line are few and far between. They are similar to her line above, but parred down a bit and the selection of fabrics will obviously be different. She is still intending to use crepes, organza, and the tulle that she does from the same Shanghai suppliers that supply her more high-end fabrics....
Depending where you are from depends when you can spot these dresses in stores- although all are available online. Tons of stores are having a debut of the Vera Line on February 12th (you'll see me in line In North Attleboro, MA as they are a confirmed store debuting on the 12th). Check online for details! (As you can tell, I'm super excited, I've waited for these dresses since July!!)

Here are a few others I Love:

Tara Keley (Available at Helen's Bridal)
Provinas Spring 2011 Line- "Alison"
I'm obsessed with this dress since I spotted it at a bridal show

Michelle Roth

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  1. ok.. obsessed with number 2, 3, and 5 of your vera selections - totally agree with your wedding dress tastes =) and the ones below obsessed obsessed obsessed with the Alison dress.. please wear this on your wedding day.. in love