January 13, 2011

Dresses and more

When I was thinking of a topic today. I realized one thing I haven't hit on yet is dresses.

For one, the idea of a reception dress. For me, I feel like its more of an "after party dress", beacuse in all honesty for the money I am paying for my wedding dress-I want to spend as much time in it as possible..plus its a dress you will NEVER wear again... so live it up!

But I do like the idea of a late night dress as I'll call it--since I am planning on heading for a drink or two after my reception. For others who have a singificantly longer reception than I do, are ready to dance the night away, or perhaps just a really hot day- changing into a "Reception" dress is probably a good choice.

The ones below are all by Sue Wong and are available at Nordstrom. Most are around $400 except the ostrich feather which is around $500.



  1. For cultural reasons, there is usually a second dress change into a Traditional dress but I consider a reception dress too. My Pronovias Romina was $253 at Running of the Bride (no alterations yet) so I am on the hunt for a second dress. I love me the new Oscar de la Renta reception dresses but definitely not in my price range. btw have you started window shopping?

  2. $253 for that Pronovias is insane!! How was running of the brides? Totally crazy? Might have to be something I write about.

    I've only gone window shopping and online-- no stores yet!