October 23, 2012


It's official. I am a Mrs. After over two years of planning, lots of laughs, a whole bunch of tears, the day came and went in a flash--as I had been warned it would. It still feels like a dream. It has been over a month and I still can't believe it happened, it's over...or it is just the beginning of the life as a Mr. and Mrs.

Let's recap:
The day was ah-mazing! We had perfect weather, it was 78 and sunny out (why did I spent the Saturday morning before looking at rain on the forecast and crying for a good 20 minutes?). Everything fell into place, the trolley showed up on time, the hair and makeup were awesome, we even had our coordinator take some video. We even got to include some Taylor Swift songs in the ceremony, like I desperately wanted to do to appease my inner 14 year old. I walked down the aisle and didn't trip and greeted a crying (yes, crying) fiance, who in a matter of 25 short minutes became my husband! It was so surreal! We stood outside the cutest little white church greeting people and hugging and kissing and I just kept thinking that it was 7 am and I was just waking up!

We had a great reception full of good food, friends, tons of fun music, and strawberry milkshakes. Anything that went wrong (and a few small bumps did occur) seem silly to even remember now that the day is done! I can only remember blurbs of the day, it was all so fast, but in every photo I see I see my fiance and I with ear to ear grins- so I know we did it all right!

Thanks to everyone that helped out, it was more than appreciated! We couldn't ask for more amazing family and friends- we are so lucky!

Here is a photo sneak peak! EEEK! We're married.
The groom and groomsmen before the ceremony--he doesn't look too nervous

Bridesmaids during photos

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