January 24, 2011


Last night, TJ turned to me and out of no where said "what is going to make our wedding us?"....
Hm... wedding talk? From him?

"What do you mean"... I asked.

"Well, we went to all these weddings this summer and I only really remember one thing from each. One friend had sooo much food and her huge cake, another used Blue colors and made nice Table numbers- plus she had all the personalized stuff, another friend had bright colors, one made her own cake-- what's our "thing"...

Well quite honestly, I don't know if you know your thing when you head into your wedding. It's just the thing that sticks out with guests. It might be a killer DJ, a personalized matchbook, the color of your flowers, your cake topper. Really, I think its just in the details-- the details are what make it personalized, what makes it your wedding.

Here are some good examples of the "little details" that go a long way.
Reuse your girl's bouquets for some added decoration on an empy table at the reception.

Cute table numbers are super easy to DIY.

I love this. It would be a cute favor- or on a table at a "next day" brunch!

Cute details can even move into food. Guests would rave about these!

A Simple DIY sign adds just a touch!

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